We got fitted for bras and it was nothing short of magical.

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Got fitted when you were 14 and are still rocking the same sized bra? Hate to break it to you, but it’s probably time for another fitting. Weight fluctuations and a changing body shape mean it’s so important to find a bra size that supports your boobs, is comfortable, and makes you feel good.

Three Mamamia staff members who are a little unhappy with their current bra situation got professionally fitted by Triumph bra experts and as one of them said, it felt like a weight had been “lifted off her shoulders”. Yes, finding The Right Bra is a game-changer.


As someone who hit puberty early, big boob problems are something that I’ve dealt with for most of my life. Finding a bra that fit me well and made me feel comfortable and confident was always a struggle, so instead of finding my perfect match, I’ve always had to settle for good enough. My bra size tends to fluctuate every few months, so bra shopping is often a long and costly exercise – one that I’d prefer to skip whenever possible.

Natalia before fitting.


"I’ve always had to settle for good enough." Image: supplied.

I was fitted a few months ago as a 14D, but as soon as I walked into the room to meet Paula and Tammy (the Triumph fitting ladies) and took off my jumper, they took one look at me and said “Honey, your bra is way too big.” Loose at the back and gaping in the front meant that I definitely wasn’t getting the right support.

The difference the Magic Boost bra made was immediate. It felt firm on the underbust but not restrictive, and my breasts were nicely hoisted without feeling like they would fall out, which is new for me. I found myself standing up straighter and not having to be cautious about every little movement, which is a liberty unbeknownst to big-breasted girls everywhere.

Natalia after fitting.

‘12DD,’ said the label. It has lace overlay across the cup and strap, and while it is an everyday bra that will be inconspicuous under a t-shirt, those little feminine details make a world of difference to me and the way that it makes me feel.


Sometimes a great bra makes for a happy ending.


They say we all want what we can't have and boy does that ring true for me. My small boobs have always been a sensitive issue. From unwanted comments coming from high school 'frenemies' to never being able to properly fill out a figure hugging dress without it bursting at the seams across my hips, it's always been a topic I prefer to avoid. I now ignore advice that tells me to wear tops with ruffles or distracting prints because I'll wear what I damn well please. Still, it's nice to have the option of a boost that doesn’t involve stiff padding up to my armpits.

I’ve never been for a professional bra fitting as I’ve had a deep-seated fear of hearing the words ‘A cup’ since I was 16. I was actually shaking before I went in to meet Paula and Tammy.  They took one look at me in my current, old manky bra and I could tell something wasn't right. I took a breath and prepared to be told that I was living a B-cup lie. I realized that deep down I was OK with it.

Mary before fitting.

My old bra wasn't actually too bad by Paula and Tammy’s assessment, however it quickly became apparent that my band size was too loose (probably due to age more than anything) and the cups weren't quite covering my side boob. Who knew I could need a bigger cup size, of all things?

It turns out that to capture all of my breast tissue, I’ll probably need to opt for a 10C in some bras, including The Triumph Magic Boost. Unlike with most padded bras, these cups are soft and move with me. Instead of stiff underwire, it’s got bendy soft touch Flexi-wires that don’t dig or poke. The best part? It still feels like me.


Mary after fitting.


I've been told in the past that as far as bras are concerned, I'm impossible to fit.

Yep. A bra-fitter told me that they don't create bras in my size.

You see, I inherited my chest from my mum's side of the family. They appeared at 14 and ever since I've not really been sure what to do with them. I have a small frame, about a size 6/8, and am quite short. But I wear (or rather wore) a D cup bra.

That was until I was professionally fitted by women who weren't going to be defeated by an awkward sized chest.

They could tell immediately I was wearing the wrong sized bra. That day I might have...accidentally...thrown on a C. And I was really popping out of it. Two boobs is enough. No one wants four.

Jessie before fitting.

It turns out I'm not a D. I was in total D-enial. I'm a Double D, and a 10 around the back. And when I put the right sized bra on, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As in...literally. The weight was FINALLY evenly distributed across my shoulders.

The straps were thick, but not bulky. I felt lifted, but as I walked through the office, I didn't feel them bouncing around like they had a mind of their own. I felt supported and covered. Nothing was pressing into my skin, under my arms, or under my bust. I hadn't realised how accustomed I'd become to that constant pressure.


Jessie after fitting.

I honestly want to throw every other bra I own in the bin. They feel flimsy and cheap by comparison.

I can say, hand to my ridiculously sized chest, that the Triumph t-shirt bra is the best bra I've ever worn.

How we're all feeling right about now. Image:

How did getting a professional fitting help you?