The 90s 'boy band bob' is back (alright!). And it's coming for you.

YES. That late '90s boy band hair is back and WHAT AN INTERESTING TIME. 

Made famous by mushroom cut princes like Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys, Ritchie Neville from Five and pretty much every member of Westlife (with an honourable nod to actors like Leonardo DiCaprio), chin-grazing, cropped bobs - aka 'boy band hair' - are making a triumphant return in salons.

Yes, really! 

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W-wa-wait! Don't run away! 

We promise you won't end up looking like ya boy Nick. Unless you want to.

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According to Dee Parker Attwood, Schwarzkopf Professional National Ambassador and owner of Wieselmann salon, this version of the boy band cut is a little ~trendier~ than the one you remember.

What exactly is the 'boy band bob'?

"There is definitely more of an increase in requests for more dramatic haircuts," said Parker Attwood. 


"We’re also naturally moving away from blunt, sharp one length looks and looking to embrace styles with more texture overall." 

According to Parker Attwood, a lot of people are choosing the boy band bob for a more modern feel - something fresh and different.

"It has a masculine feel, with a slight feminine twist. It’s essentially a grown out short haircut with different lengths cut through the front for a bit of fun. It’s perfect to be worn with natural texture, very effortless," explains Parker Attwood.

"Another way to describe this look is a layered bob, chin length with choppy texture - it can be cut with or without a fringe."

Just take the fashionable genetic jackpot that is Kaia Gerber, for example:

Terribly nostalgic, no?

The reason this style is so popular? It's wonderfully versatile and fantastically low-maintenance. "You can basically wash and wear, it and doesn’t require a lot of styling." 

So, it's pretty much the perfect low-maintenance haircut if you CBF styling your hair for 45 minutes every single morning.

Plus, The Crown's Emma Corrin got one recently, so you know it's cool.


How do I know if it'll suit my hair type?

Because it suits every hair type! Oh, don't be so silly - of course you can pull it off!

"It's perfect for fine and thick hair types. For thick hair types you are taking some of the weight out of the hair, which will make the hair look lighter and more effortless."

"For thin hair types, you’re having a more blunt cut with the choppiness through the front mostly, which will make the hair appear a little thicker."

And yep, it'll also suit gals with curly hair texture! To keep it looking modern, Parker Attwood suggests adding a cute fringe into the equation.

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Any tips for styling?

In order to maintain the boy band chop, Parker Attwood said volumising products are your MVPs.

If you have thinner hair, she suggests using a powder like Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS+ Dust It to add volume at the roots.

For thick hair types, opt for a sea salt spray instead. And for the love of NSYNC, go easy. 

"You only need minimal product, and blow-dry it into the hair," said Parker Attwood. "This will define your natural hair texture for a lived-in look."

"For curly hair girls, apply some Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Curl Honey into damp hair and let it dry naturally."

If all else fails, Parker Attwood also suggests slicking it all back off the face for a really cool, grand sorceress of bobs kinda look.

"For a slicked back polished look – use a gel product once you’ve blow-dried and straightened your hair.


Are you going to do it? Do it do it do it!

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