The one thing The Project's Waleed Aly doesn't understand about Boxing Day sales.


It’s a time-honoured tradition that after Christmas comes the Boxing Day Sales.

Some ambitious shoppers line up outside retailers at the crack of dawn, while others venture online to get their bargain fix.

However, The Project’s Waleed Aly doesn’t get it.

Concluding a segment on Boxing Day spending, the writer and academic share his thoughts on the holiday, and he makes a good point.

“I don’t quite understand it,” said the 40-year-old.

“As I understand it with the Christmas festival, there’s a lot of spending in the lead-up to said festival, so aren’t people sick of spending money by the time Boxing Day arrives?”

“Why are so many people out there doing this?” Waleed added.

His co-hosts then shared their opinion.

Gorgi Coghlan said it was a handy time for people to use their gift vouchers or money that they might have received for Christmas.

“Then you’re not paying the full retail price,” she said.

Dave Thornton added that his partner took advantage of the sales to buy a new bed.

“And that’s why I’m here today,” he joked.

Now that Christmas is over for another year, here are some things Aussies never say during the holiday. Do you agree?

Video by MMC

According to Dominique Lamb of the National Retailers Association, Australians are set to spend over $2.49 million, she tells The Project.

“It’s an increase of 5 per cent on last year’s figures,” she says.

It turns out we’re spending more online as well, with Lamb putting the 2018 figure at 35 per cent over that of 2017s.

Do you agree with Waleed? Or do you like to take full-advantage of a Boxing Day sale? Tell us in a comment below.