14 painful truths about shopping the Boxing Day sales.

Boxing Day has arrived, congratulations for getting through Christmas Day in tact, but right now is your biggest test.

You may have landed here while you’re waiting for the doors to open outside Myer and if so, GOOD LUCK my friends. Perhaps you’ve already shopped until you’ve dropped and just need to take your mind of the ridiculous orange skirt you bought… in two sizes.

Either way, read on for 14 truths about shopping the Boxing Day sales.

1. What you (or a friend has convinced you to) think it’s going to be like.

2. One minute until the doors open, shit gets real:

3. When you’re faced with the nightmare that is communal change rooms with only one shared mirror.

4. You forget to wear something you can easily take on and off.

5. What you want to say to your friend who is trying on a fringed crop top.

6. How you actually react:

7. When someone else gets to the shoe department before you.

8. The attitude you cop when you ask the sales assistant if there’s any more sizes out the back.

9. What you want to say to them, but don’t:

9. When there’s no bigger sizes but you try to fit into it anyway:

10. You’re so delirious because you need food but you can’t stop for fear of missing out on bargains (FOMOOB).

11. But wait! You discover a packet of nuts in your handbag that have been there for six months:

12. You’re pretty confident you’ve nabbed some real bargains today:


13. The reality:

14. Afterwards you just want to do this:

Did you make it to the Boxing Day sales? Or did you shop online? And more importantly, what bargains did you pick up?

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