"They have a very specific head tilt." The 7 things every boxer owner knows to be true.


If you own a Boxer dog, you will know that they are perhaps the most underrated breed of all time.

Yes, they tend to drool when they get a little bit too excited. As any Boxer owner will tell you, they could drool for Australia.

But Boxers are born with an oversupply of cuteness and joy…and despite a name that says “I wanna fight you”, all they actually wanna do is love you.

Here are seven other things all Boxer owners know to be true.

1. They love to dance. With their bums in the air.

Yep. Boxers have a lot of energy.

Their favourite dance moves include a) running around in circles and b) twerking.

Whilst digging for nothing in particular, they like to wiggle their bottoms in the air with their tails furiously wagging. It makes their hearts happy.


2. They always look down-trodden.

Boxers have a perpetual face of... sadness. Even when they're really, really happy.

In fact, I’m pretty sure their hangdog expression was the inspiration for the renowned Puppy Dog Face.

They like to use this to their advantage, obviously. Especially after they have eaten their dinner and then stare at you wide-eyed begging for more.

3. They have a very specific head tilt.

So. Cute. Image: Giphy.

Boxers' wrinkly, squishy faces often look at you... bewildered.

No breed does the head tilt better than the Boxer. Fact. 

4. They think they’re small lions.

You see, Boxers have a way of sitting with their head high and moving in long strides that sees them resemble something that they’re… not.

But such is their level of pride.

From their protective nature to their wide-reaching yawns, if you’re getting a Boxer you should probably know you’re actually getting a canine who is convinced they are the king of the jungle, manqué.

5. Their loyalty is unrivalled.

Unlike some other breeds, Boxers aren’t stubborn or devious.

Ask them to do something and they rarely hesitate (unless it involves getting off the couch, which they are entitled to).

They will show you their love every day with their slobbering licks as they climb onto you with their strong paws all around you.


Side note – Dogs can tell when you're upset, and they want to help. Post continues after video.

6. To love a Boxer is to accept their farts.

Well. No breed is perfect.

Any person thinking of owning Boxers should definitely be aware that they have a unique tendency to produce the World’s Worst Farts. Forcing everyone within a ten-metre radius to promptly remove themselves.

Only for the boxer to of course follow you.

7. They are the masters of staring.

Be prepared to lose a staring competition with this furry friend.

Even after you walk away, you’ll look back 23 seconds later and they’ll still be staring at you.

What. Do. You. Want?

“Your love and attention,” they respond. And that is the easiest part of being their owner.

Do you have any other unique characteristics to add the list? Let us know in the comments section below!