After he bravely helped police on Friday, Australia has rallied around 'trolley man'.


Michael Rogers, aka ‘trolley man’, is truly a national hero.

On Friday night, the 46-year-old assisted police by repeatedly attempting to knock the Bourke Street attacker, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, to the ground using a nearby trolley.

He’s being celebrated for his bravery in the face of adversity, as he quickly assisted the two policeman being attacked, one whom had only graduated from the police academy three months ago.

Soon after his bravery went viral, it was discovered that Michael is homeless.

It’s not known whether he slept on the streets on Friday night, in the hours after he so bravely assisted police officers, but now a Go-Fund-Me page has been established to financially assist him.

Started by Donna Zen, the Go-Fund-Me page has already raised $57,000 in 18 hours.

Over 2000 people have generously donated, and it appears that the donations will be given to Michael tomorrow.

“Our hero is humble as can be and had no idea about this fundraiser. We’ll be catching up tomorrow to hand over his donations. He is amazing,” it says on the page.

During his brave moment, Michael broke his phone, one of his few possessions.

When Michael stepped in, Ali had already killed one victim, Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar owner Sisto Malaspina, and severely injured two others.

Premier Daniel Andrews thanked the police, and the bystanders who so bravely stepped up.

“They’ve done each and every one of us proud,” he said of the police.

“And those strangers, people who were bystanders, who knew nobody involved, who stepped in without a moment’s hesitation to render support and assistance… make all of us proud as well,” he added.

Thank you, Michael Rogers.

Donate to the Go-Fund-Me here