Man points about a major flaw with his fiancé's tanning mitt. Becomes instant hero.

Finding a man who is willing to fake tan your back may not necessarily be at the top of the list for “attributes my future partner must have”, but it doesn’t hurt.

Now one man has gone even better.

Matt Edwards was helping his fiancé fake tan those ‘hard to reach places’ when he noticed a major flaw with her trusty Bondi Sands tanning mitt.

It was too small for his hands.

Unhappy with the design flaw that was inhibiting his ability to give his fiance a helping (fake tanning) hand, he took to the brand's Facebook page on Saturday to air his complaint.

"Dear Bondi Sands. My fiancé, much like  many other women out there enjoy your tanning products and she has no complaint whatsoever. But I do...," he began.

"I, and what I could assume that many other men out there, must assist our lovely partners in their tanning procedure and this includes applying your tanning foam to places they are unable to reach.

"My only and one complaint is that your application mitt is not suitable for my hands. I am, what could be assumed as average size, and can only think that this mitt does not fit many other mans hands out there."

He then had a suggestion for the company. (Post continues after gallery.)

"I am sure, much of my displeasure, that my gorgeous fiancé will continue to use your lovely products regardless of my issue," he wrote.

"But please, in future make the mitt bigger or include an extra mitt for those men out there that must assist the women they love. Thank you for your time."

His post has already racked up almost 30,000 likes and close to 500 shares in solidarity, proving he's definitely not alone.

"You're not alone. Finally someone has spoken up " wrote one woman tagging her partner.

"Same problem with hair dye gloves. Won't fit my partners hands while he dyes my hair!" wrote another.

At the time of publishing, the brand hadn't responded to Edwards request - but here's hoping for the sake of his hands and her back.