Bondi Hipsters pose as Kim Kardashian. Now, this might actually break the internet...


We’ve all seen THAT photo of Kim Kardashian this week. Where she was super shiny because she was covered in oil and showed off her amazing assets in ass, and front bottom form. The one that was supposed to “break the internet”.

But she didn’t break the internet, and thank goodness for that because now the Bondi Hipsters have responded online in the way that only the Bondi Hipsters could.

Warning: Prepare yourself to see a shiny oil ridden man-gina.

The cover shot looks uncannily similar to Kim’s original. Compare:

The rest needs no further words of explanation. We just want you to appreciate the beauty…..




Well done boys.

Do you remember the last Bondi Hipster parody involving Miranda Kerr. Let us refresh your memory…