We asked 15 women to draw their favourite part of their body.

Since the dawn of time women have been encouraged to feel insecure about their bodies. Whether it’s to sell weight loss shakes or fitness programs, there are entire industries dedicated to profiting off the insecurities surrounding women’s bodies.

To encourage women to think about the parts of their bodies they LOVE, we asked 15 women to draw their favourite body part and tell us why.

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What we discovered is that although artistic abilities are certainly not something we are all #blessed with, there are so many different parts of the body to love, for all different reasons.

1. Renny, 25


"I like my hair because I feel like it makes me… me? It’s hard to describe but when I straighten it, I feel like I could take on a whole different persona. It’s super strange. So when it’s curly it's like it’s a relief: 'Ahhhhh okay, I feel like myself.'

Also – my legs! I’ve always felt like a ‘non-sexy person’ but my legs make me feel like I can step into that zone (no pun intended)."

2. Maddie, 25

"I love my hamstrings! I have recently made a goal to run most days of the week to get fitter, and a sort of "side effect" from this is my ham strings have gotten weirdly defined (lol). It makes me proud because I can see my body changing from all the hard work I am putting in each morning on my run!"

3. Natalie, 24

Image: Provided

"I like the bottom half of my face! My nose is pretty wide and flat (which in the Philippines isn’t always seen as a good thing…) but it reminds me of my Grandma’s nose and she's the greatest person I’ll ever know – I miss her every day!

"I also like the shape and size of my lips (even though I hate the fact that they’re always the exact same colour as the rest of my face). I’ve also got the teeniest cleft chin and a wide jaw just like my Mum. Long story short, I love that I can see my family in myself!"

4. Amy, 26

Image: Provided

"I've always been a very proud redhead. I get a lot of lovely compliments about my hair colour, and thankfully, I was never bullied for being a redhead. I love that my hair sets me apart from everyone else."

5. Sherry, 24


"I've always loved my hair. It is long, black and straight and super easy to manage."

6. Emily, 23

"My favourite feature is my skin because it is a constant reminder of my heritage which I am extremely proud of. I used to hate it when I was younger and as a result of that it has many little spots and scars which has now made made love it even more as it is a constant reminder of my journey. We've come a long way and it's the best skin EVER. It also looks pretty amazing during golden hour if I don't say so myself."


7. Meg, 32

"I love my lower back! When I was 18, I got stress fractures from all the Ballet I was doing at the time. There was a point where surgery was on the table to fix it, but it managed to heal on its own (with the help of a physio)! Also, it's attached to my butt which I also like because its squishy and I can make it twerk."

8. Rikki, 36


"My eyes, the windows to my soul, the deep brown abyss, the truth to my lies... I like them for none of those reasons! Quite simply, I have big, dark brown eyes with ridiculously long eyelashes and I've always loved them! Nothing more, nothing less.

"And my fun bags, my melons, my happy sacs, the old girls that are my boobs are probably the most feminine thing about me. They've always been of decent size and they make me feel like a woman when my sailor's mouth often doesn't."

9. Sheridan, 26

Image: Provided

"Since I had my son at 23, I’ve really struggled to love my body. But lately, I’ve been looking at the different curves of my body, ones I’d never noticed and appreciated, and my waist has become my favourite bit."

10. Elle, 26

Image: Provided

"My lips were always way too big for my face when I was younger, I never used to put lipstick all over them because I felt they just looked huge. Obviously that was in the '90s before the lip trend became a thing. Now I love them, I am always asked if I have had them done and I sometimes think people don't believe when I say they're au natural!"

11. Marg, 41

"My legs. I've always liked them and get complimented on them the most. Plus when I'm a bit overweight or having a 'fat' day, they never change. I can rely on my pins to be looking good at all times."

12. Amelia, 24

Image: Provided

"My BIG ASS! Because everyone wants a piece?! Haha. But really it's because my family members all have them, plus I fill out some solid jeans."

13. Ali, 24

Image: Provided

"My legs! I want to say it's because they get me places, but really it's just because they're hot."

14. Gemma, 46

Image: Provided

"My hands. I'm a midwife, so they are the tools of my trade!"

15. Holly

Image: Provided

"My boobs. Because over the years I’ve bloody loved them for all kinds of reasons that have changed a lot. They used to look cute in tops when I was out dancing. There were other more... private pleasures. Then they fed babies. Now I check them all the time, in the hope they stay healthy. They are my mates."

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