Where are they now? The original cast of Blue Water High.

Ah, remember the rolling waves and awkward teenage encounters of Blue Water Beach?

To jog your memory, it was the set of Blue Water High, the noughties teen TV show on the ABC from 2005 to 2007.

The show ran for three glorious seasons, each year following a group of high school students selected to participate in a year-long surf program at the Solar Blue surf academy.

If you were born anywhere between 1985 and 1995 (give or take a few years), there’s a good chance you spent many an afternoon plonked in front of the TV watching Blue Water High after school.

You might’ve even had a poster of one of the cast members blu-tacked to your bedroom wall, despite your mum’s warning about ruining the paint.

Here’s what the original cast are up to now:

Sophie Luck AKA Fiona “Fly” Watson

fly blue water high
THEN. Image: Youtube.

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Sophie was one of the longest serving Blue Water High cast members, appearing in all three seasons of the show.

After Blue Water High, the actress moved the LA and featured in a 2014 TV series Pandorian.

The 29-year-old's IMBD has been pretty quiet lately, but by the looks of her Instagram, she's still living the Solar Blue surfer lifestyle.

Tahyna "Tozzi" MacManus AKA Perri Lowe

THEN. Image: Instagram.

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Tahyna is almost unrecognisable in 2018.

Her character Perri was arguably the person every teen girl wanted to be and every teen guy wanted to be with.

After Blue Water High, the 32-year-old featured in episodes of CSI and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and worked as a model alongside sister Cheyenne Tozzi.

She currently runs her own production company Neon Jane Productions and is mum to two-year-old Echo.

Kate Bell AKA Bec Sanderson

THEN. Image: Youtube.
Kate Bell
NOW. Image: LinkedIn.

Following her role as Bec on Blue Water High, Kate went on to join casts of Home and Away AND Neighbours.

Then in 2011, the now-34-year-old quit acting and got a degree in Communications.

Kate's LinkedIn says she currently works as a Security Culture Manager for Bupa.

Mara Scherzinger AKA Anna Peterson

THEN. Image: Youtube.
NOW. Image: Facebook.

Since Blue Water High, Mara most notably worked in the vicinity of Brad Pitt and George Clooney as a production assistant on The Monuments Men.

She doesn't have much a social media profile, but from her Facebook, it would appear she now lives in Berlin and is still working as an actress.

Adam Saunders AKA Heath Carroll

heath blue water high
THEN. Image: Youtube.

Adam was the heartthrob of Blue Water High, and went on to play a similar role on Dance Academy in 2010.

The 32-year-old currently works as an actor/model/director/photographer and is basically a micro influencer on Instagram.

They grow up so fast, don't they?

Chris Foy AKA Matt Leyland

Matt Leyland
THEN. Image: Youtube.

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Chris moved away from acting post-Blue Water High to pursue a career in powerlifting.

He now has two young daughters and appears to be training for a weight lifting/body building competition in September.

Also, he shared these throwback Blue Water High photos on Instagram. Gold.

A post shared by Chris Foy (@csfoy) on

A post shared by Chris Foy (@csfoy) on

Khan Chittenden AKA Dean "Edge" Edgely

khan blue water high
THEN. Image: Youtube.
khan blue water high
NOW. Image: Facebook.

Khan finished up on Blue Water High and worked on a bunch of other TV shows including Home and Away, Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters, All Saints, Dangerous and Paper Giants.

The 35-year-old still works in the industry and has almost zero social media presence. Ugh.

Martin Lynes AKA Craig "Simmo" Simmonds

Martin Lynes
THEN. Image: Youtube.
Martin Lynes
NOW. Image: Seven.

Martin Lynes is currently serving a maximum five-year jail sentence for sex crimes.

The 50-year-old was found guilty by a jury of attacking a woman on NSW's Central Coast in 2015 and 2016.

The former actor was once loved by viewers for his roles in McLeod's Daughters, Home and Away and All Saints.

 Did you watch Blue Water High? Who was your favourite character?

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