The Block winners Will and Karlie explain exactly what they'll do with their $815,000 prize money.

They’ve just pulled off one of the biggest wins in The Block history, taking home a whopping $815,000 in prize money when their apartment was sold for the highest profit on Sunday night’s epic finale.

Despite admitting that their win still hasn’t quite sunk in, the 25-year-old high school sweethearts have already begun to plan how they will spend their cash.

Winner winner, chicken dinner. Image via Channel 9.

"We want to be smart with it and not blow it all, but we also want to have fun with it as well," Karlie told The Fix after the win.

First on the cards is taking the financial pressure off by paying off a large sum of their mortgage, but Will is also keen for a splurge purchase: a jetski.

Karlie and Will want to pay off their mortgage...and maybe buy a jetski. Image via Channel 9.

"I've always secretly wanted a jetski," he said, before Karlie clarified, "Not so secretly, he makes it known all the time!"

With their wedding just around the corner, many fans are wondering whether the pair will 'upgrade' their big day to be a lavish affair.

Karlie said they have no plans to make their wedding "any more extravagant".

The couple were "never expecting" to walk away with so much prize money. Image via Channel 9.

"It just means that we can have the party that we wanted without worrying about money. We're gonna have a pretty laidback, chilled-out wedding," she said.

"We'd just love a cocktail wedding. We just want it to be all about fun and friendship and food and booze, to be honest," Will added.

The couple's apartment sold for a stunning $715,000 over their reserve price, selling for $2.6 million. The couple were also awarded an additional $100,000 in prize money for making the highest profit.

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