‘This cold weather is ruining my skin, lips, hair and hands. Here’s exactly what I do to bring them back to life.’

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Hell hath no fury like my skin at the start of winter.          

Seriously. I'm not sure what vendetta this cold weather has against my already dry skin.

OK, so maybe I've come across a little strong there: I don't spend ALL my days flaking away in a corner. But over the years I've picked up a few tricks to not only have my skin survive the cold weather, but thrive. 

And with the right products in your repertoire, you can too.

So, from one dehydrated gal to another, here's everything I think you need to make it through.

The lip balm of dreams. I've cracked the code and actually found it. 

I've spent far too many years searching for the perfect lip balm. You know, the type that doesn't somehow leave your lips ten times drier than when you applied it five minutes earlier?

The dollars I've wasted on trying and banishing every one that wasn't in fact the one, straight to the car glove box. 

It's a wasteland in there.

Well, last winter I came across the little blue pot of dreams, Blistex Intensive Repair. I don't want to come off too strongly, but I don't think I've ever loved a product more.

Not only is it deeply hydrating, but it's repairing too.

When this bad boy goes missing, or heaven forbid, I leave it at home on a particularly nippy or windy day, I spend the afternoon fantasising about reuniting with my ultimate winter bestie.

(I won't lie though, I have a few scattered across my car, handbag, bathroom and bedside table. A whole family of them live with me).


The first time I used it, no joke, within 24 hours my lips were noticeably softer and more hydrated. It had a fun slight tingling effect I found, and has this instant cooling effect I love. You can really feel it hard at work.

The menthol and eucalyptus in it instantly soothed my chapped and (if they had their own emotions, I would definitely say) distressed lips while wrapping them up in a protective moisturising barrier, so they won't get back to that painful state anytime soon from the harsh wind and cold.

(It has SPF15 in it too which is always important. You can't get enough sun protection in the products you use on your face, and the lips are often the forgotten lone rangers that have to fend for themselves).

Basically, you need to add this star player to your winter arsenal. 

Honestly, I don't know where I'd be without it.

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If the You Beauty podcast has taught me one thing, it's the life-changing benefits of a good body/face/anything-and-everything oil.

I was sceptical at first. 

My previous experiences of oil have been my hair on day three without shampoo and a rather unappetising greasy pizza box post-feed.

Listen to Mamamia's podcast for your face, You Beauty, where hosts Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren discuss winter skin. Post continues below.

But I picked up a multipurpose body and face oil one afternoon because I had to verify the wonders of ~oil~ for myself and consider me converted.

What I looooove about a good body oil is that it's a hell of a lot quicker to apply than a body moisturiser (which is fantastic post-shower when you just want to dive back into bed), and it dries straight away.

Face oils also work great as a protective barrier from the wind and cold. Top your usual moisturiser with an oil, and there you have it: locked and loaded for the day ahead.

Mist + Hyaluronic Acid = God send. 

It's simple maths really.

If you haven't heard of the life-changing ingredient that is hyaluronic acid, allow me to introduce you to your new bff for your face.

Hyaluronic acid is a 'super hydrator' ingredient that plumps up your face. 

After cleansing, give your face a generous, slow-mo mist:

Image: Giphy.


And pop your hyaluronic acid on while your face is still damp. 

Hyaluronic acid draws in moisture from everywhere, which is why starting off with a mist is so essential. Topping it off with a moisturiser is the cherry on top. (I pop on my Blistex Intensive Repair for my lips after this too, I won't lie. The extra cherry on top, if you will).

You will wake up with the most hydrated and happy skin ever (that definitely doesn't look like you've been blown about in gale force winds and braved the elements the day prior). Hold me to that.

Wildcard: My diffuser

In a not-so-typical hydration hack, I love popping my essential oil diffuser on to grab some incidental moisture. 

When it's not wet and rainy, I often find my eyes, hands, elbows... (I could keep going) drying the heck up.

But adding a little moisture to the air has made all the difference on chilly mornings and evenings.

I pop in some lavender oil before bed (you know what they say, good for preparing you for sleep), and then citrus-based oils for first thing in the morning for a boost of energy.

So there you have it. Go forth and enjoy hydrated, happy skin – no matter what this weather decides it's doing. 

Repair your dry, chapped lips from the elements with Blistex Intensive Repair, the ultimate winter savey for hydrated, softer results. Whatever the season brings, there is a Blistex to protect your lips. Grab from Chemist Warehouse, local supermarket or pharmacy.

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