Blake Lively is a magical pregnancy unicorn.

Okay, so she only announced that she was pregnant two weeks ago, but already Blake Lively is all over this maternity fashion business like like a very photogenic case of nappy rash.

In an outfit we seriously doubt ever seeing Kate Middleton wearing (more’s the pity), the 27-year-old actress wife of Ryan Reynolds appeared on the red carpet of the 2014 Angel Ball in New York looking like this:

Now, we all know what happened to Kim Kardashian when she mixed her bump with cleavage and Lycra, but for Blake, all the Good words are being used: Glowing. Effortless. Amazing.

Proving she’s possibly the only person in the history of pregnant ladies to be able to pull off this dress off while dealing with a light bladder and morning sickness.

Take a look at some more of Blake’s pregnancy fashion:

She sure is a magical pregnancy unicorn.