After they threatened to cancel his 8th birthday, Tate wrote his parents a clever letter.

Threatening to cancel a birthday party lest the children start to behave is not a new trick in the parenting handbook. But after issuing her son Tate with a warning, Wagga Wagga mum-of-two Simone O’Mara has been rewarded with a beautiful response to the age-old threat.

“For my birthday I just want family, no presents, no celebrations, none of that stuff even no going out, just family,” Tate’s handwritten letter begins. “My apologies to all the things that I did in the past, whinging and fighting has to end. I’ve tried my best to have not whinged and not fight.”

birthday letter to parents
Tate's birthday letter to his parents. Source: supplied.

Finally, Tate writes, "And also on my birthday I just want to stick with dad. Dad is the strongest, funniest man I have ever seen. I have true belief in him and I know it's hard for him sometimes but he doesn't mean it. He is a really good guy to me and he does a lot of stuff, so thank you dad and mum."

Sharing the letter exclusively with Mamamia, Simone says Tate, who is turning eight on Wednesday and has a sleepover with friends planned for the weekend, had been in trouble for fighting with his brother last week and as such, "I told him if he didn't start behaving he wouldn't have anyone over."

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Rather than fight back or slam doors, though, Tate took to his desk, something Simone says he does all the time.

"He writes me many letters," she says, adding, "that is the type of soul he is."

Simone continued, "I was extremely proud of him but wondered why he wanted to stick with dad though! When I read that it made me laugh so hard."

So will Tate still be allowed to have friends over to watch the State of Origin with?

According to Simone, the answer is yes. And with letters like this, how could anyone possibly say no?