'Our entire family tried Bioglan Multivitamin Liquid Tonic for a week. Here's what you need to know.'
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Hands up if you have the ultimate fussiest eaters?        

Me. That's me. 

I remember when my son was 2, he would eat everything. 

I'd boil straight vegetables with zero flavouring, and he would chow them down happily. Everyone would comment on what a good eater he was, and I would agree. 

Of course, they jinxed that because he not only stopped eating bland vegetables but any type of food altogether. He began to hate the textures of things and flat out refuse to eat anything that was a familiar food. 

Of course, we went to seek professional help who gave us loads of tips like including familiar foods with new foods, but it still wouldn't change the fact that he would still refuse to eat nutritional foods.

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My other two children followed suit. My younger two are much better eaters in comparison, as they're more willing to try, but they're all still nowhere close to consuming the recommended amount of vitamins, herbs, and vegetables they need to thrive. 

Having a daughter with autism who was also fussy with textures meant I knew I had to find some alternative solution that was going to need to exceed my expectations to be the right fit for our family.

So I started looking into multivitamins after they came recommended. Have you ever researched multivitamins? Woah, it's a rabbit hole bigger than Alice's. 


It was full-on and overwhelming, and it felt like I would have to take out a mortgage to fund some of these vitamins long-term. 

I was happy to find that Bioglan now has liquid-form tonics at the pharmacy (an Aussie owned brand we have previously trusted). I thought, let's try their Multivitamin Liquid Tonic; a significantly more affordable option than I was anticipating. Plus the whole family could use it.

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One bottle of the tonic is suitable for ages 1 year to adulthood, so I could take it too without having to leave the store with multiple packs of vitamins. Praise be for this money win.

This blend said it supports energy production and maintains healthy immune system function – all essential for healthy growth and development. So we put it to the test. 

Trialling this product along with the kids went better than expected. 

My kids are partial to multivitamins as, usually, they will see them as a treat if they are sweet enough. 

Unfortunately, the ones that do taste like lollies that we've tried before typically don't offer much in the way of substance. The stronger tasting options we've had previously too, the kids also flat out refuse to put in their mouth because they "taste like concrete" they once said.

To my surprise, they didn't have any worries trying Bioglan

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It's naturally sweetened in pear juice and honey and, according to my children, tastes like "yummy orange juice". 

We tried it daily for a week, always before a meal, and even tried adding it to a few juices or to add a little flavour to a glass of water. 

I, of course, shot mine like it's my early 20s and quite enjoyed the taste. The fact that it was liquid too helped my 3-year-old happily consume it with ease (which is majority of the battle eliminated right there!). I thought it'd also be great for children who have sensory issues with tablets, so a major win going for a liquid tonic option.

I loved that this Bioglan Multivitamin Liquid Tonic is free from any gluten, lactose, dairy, and any artificial flavours and colours. My youngest child has a sensitive gut like me and can't tolerate basically any these things without ending up with skin issues or a sore stomach. 


This liquid tonic we found was super gentle on everyone's stomach in our house, and I mention this as, in the spirit of openness, when consuming multivitamins before Bioglan we have often experienced constipation in this family. But no issues here with this product I'm glad to report!

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It just feels like a part of our everyday diet and routine now.

The kids and I will have this straight in the morning before breakfast, or with some orange juice on the weekends and before dinner, adjusting the dosage according to the directions based on their age, which is 5mL once a day for my younger two kids, 5mL twice a day for my eldest, and 10mL twice a day for me. 

Personally I've noticed I have much more energy and don't feel that dreaded 3pm slump like I usually did. 

No more trying to keep my eyes open sat parked in the car, waiting for school pick up.

I have definitely felt at ease using this liquid tonic, because I know my kids and I are getting all the nutrients we need in such a fuss-free way for us. I can say goodbye to the mental load of worrying about the kids lacking essential vitamins, nutrients and vegetables to maintain healthy immune systems and support our wellbeing (all without having to juggle multiple products, the kids' dislike for tablets, and any bland tastes that was previously putting the kids off). 

How glad will other parents be that Bioglan have introduced tonics? The Multivitamin Liquid Tonic has honestly been a winner in my house. It's definitely taken the stress out of multivitamins, and no rabbit holes have been required.

Try Bioglan Liquid Tonics as an easy way to support your family’s health and wellbeing.

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