People are confused about why this woman is a contestant on The Biggest Loser.

The new season of The Biggest Loser has finally arrived on our TV screens, and people are already very confused.

Viewers were introduced to 25-year-old mum, Nikki, who revealed her own partner hadn’t seen her naked in three years.

“I just hate my body and I hate the way I look. I’ve been with my partner for three years and he still hasn’t seen me naked,” she said.

“My insecurities make him feel like I don’t love him.”

nikki tbl
Nikki. Image via Channel 10.

Nikki told her trainer, Libby Babet, her most hated part of her body was her "caesarean belly".

"If this was me, that’d be my favourite bit," Babet replied.

"This body is the body that you gave over to somebody else for a little while, celebrate this. That’s the gift you gave her."

While women and mums all around Australia can relate to the struggle of embracing one's 'post baby body', fans were confused when Nikki weighed in at just 78kg.

The average weight for an Australian woman is 71kg, and fans were interested to know why Nikki was being categorised as 'overweight' on the show.

"She's not even fat...It's the biggest loser, point of the show is to lose the most weight," one fan wrote.

"Since when was 78kg fat?" said another.

(To which we have to add, no-one should ever be labelled as "fat", Biggest Loser or not.)

nikki tbl
Image via Facebook/Channel 10.

But smaller starting weights are part of the show's revamp, which has cast people with more "relatable" weight issues.

The latest season is focused more on a contestant's total health transformation rather than the numbers on the scale.

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"It’s about a total transformation from the inside out...mind body and spirit," trainer Shannon Ponton told the show's 16 contestants during last night's premiere.

Other fans were glad that the contestant's on this year's season would be undergoing a mental transformation, and not just a physical one.

"Looks like they are tryin to make it a bit more realistic now . No one is particularly huge (sic)," wrote on fan.

"Bless u sweatheart u are already beautiful, I hope this experience gives u the confidence to see that (sic)," said one fan.

We have to agree on that.

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