Australia's top makeup artist shares her secrets to 'faking awake'.

Concealer is a makeup bag must-have.

But use the wrong techniques and you might find your concealer caking up and creasing rather than giving you a flawless finish.

We caught up with makeup artist Chantelle Baker – who has worked with the likes of Bec Judd, Rita Ora, Jesinta Campbell and Jen Hawkins – for the ultimate secrets on how to ‘fake awake’.

The big mistakes and how to avoid them

The biggest mistake women make when applying concealer is using way too much, says Chantelle. While packing on a product is an understandable tactic to covering up bluish hues, what few women know is that the less concealer you apply, the more natural and flawless your concealer will look.

“Less is more is the key,” the Melbourne-based artist tells Mamamia.

Chantelle also recommends applying concealer “after your foundation, not before” to avoid applying too much product. And when you do? Ditch your brushes and beauty blender.

“I’ve found the warmth of the skin really helps melt the product in, creating a seamless finish,” she says.

For under the eyes, your best bet is a concealer that has a creamy texture. Chantelle says it’s best to avoid thicker consistencies in the undereye area as they can “highlight fine lines around the eyes” and create creasing.

Chantelle recommends going for a concealer that’s “one or two shades lighter than your skin tone”, especially for covering up dark undereye circles.

To find a good match, try covering up the veins on your wrist – if the product looks natural and hides your veins, it’ll definitely cover up your undereye circles, too.


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The best concealers to invest in

Choosing the right concealer can also be a challenge with so many on the market at varying prices, but for those on a budget, Chantelle recommends M.A.C’s concealer range.

“Although they are around $30, they go the distance and there are a huge variety of shades to choose from,” she says.

As for those of us who will spend whatever it takes? Chantelle’s luxe concealer pick is the By Terry Stylo Expert Click Stick, $56.


“It’s so creamy and flawless. It’s my absolute go-to right now.”

Another all-time favourite is Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat concealer, $70, which promises to immediately erase signs of fatigue and bring “light and radiance” to the skin.

You can find makeup artist Chantelle Baker on Instagram and Facebook.