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Just a definitive list of where you can find every Big Brother housemate on Instagram.

For the first time in six years, Big Brother Australia has finally returned to our screens.

The new season of the reality TV show, which is hosted by Sonia Kruger, is very different from the original series that first aired in 2001.

In fact, when the series first launched, Instagram didn't even exist. 

But nowadays, a spot on any reality TV show basically equals instant social media fame.

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So, in the spirit of getting Insta-quainted with the housemates, here are the Instagram accounts of this year's Big Brother contestants.

Sarah, 19

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Student
Bio: At just 4’11”, Sarah is described as a pocket rocket with a big personality.


Talia, 22

Lives: Adelaide
Job: Trade Assistant
Bio: Channel Seven describes Talia as "smart, strong and confident" and "very strong-willed, especially in arguments".


Allan, 31

Lives: Sydney
Job: Corporate Salesman
Bio: Although Allan expects Big Brother to be a "walk in the walk", he's not used to fending for himself. The 31-year-old, who still lives at home with his parents, admitted that he may struggle with some of the basic household chores.


Angela, 38

Lives: Perth
Job: Events Manager
Bio: Angela, a mum-of-two from Perth, was raised in the "Beverly Hills of Kenya" before moving to Australia as a teenager.

Casey, 25

Lives: Perth
Job: Account Assistant
Bio: Casey is a self-described"bogan". According to Channel Seven, "Casey says her family and friends would describe her as annoying and hyperactive and she admits her chaotic energy might get on the nerves of her fellow Housemates."


Chad, 27

Lives: Sydney
Job: Model
Bio: Chad is no stranger to the camera. After working in construction for several years, Chad has travelled the world modelling for the likes of Vogue, GQ, Country Road, Superdry and David Jones.


Daniel, 28

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Former AFL Player
Bio: Daniel previously played for the Gold Coast Suns and Carlton Football Club, but was dropped from both AFL teams.


Danni, 34

Lives: Townsville
Government Worker
Bio: Former hairdresser turned call centre service officer Danni describes herself as a "typical Aussie". The 34-year-old is married with two kids.


Garth, 50

Lives: Sydney
Job: Recruitment Director
Bio: At 50 years old, Garth is ready to show Australia that age is no barrier. He is worried, however, that his tendency to gossip could be his weakness in the house.


Hannah, 26

Lives: Perth
Job: Communications Specialist
Bio: The 26-year-old currently lives in a share house with three other girls from her AFL club. According to Channel Seven, “Hannah can’t stand people who are full of themselves or selfish and says that lying men and bitchy girls will push her over the edge.”


Ian, 25

Lives: Perth
Job: Waiter
Bio: Ian grew up in the bush as an only child. He has a deep fascination with ecology and biology, and currently works as a waiter.

Ian currently doesn't have an Instagram account.

Kieran, 21

Lives: Adelaide
Job: Videographer
Bio: Kieran is known as Adelaide's worst driver. He's been on his learner's drivers licence for more than three years, leading him to become a YouTube sensation.


Laura, 25

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Dance Teacher
Bio: After training in New York City and Los Angeles, Laura now works as a professional dance teacher, performer and choreographer. Channel Seven describes her as "fierce, fabulous and unique".

Although Laura has an Instagram account, it's currently private.


Marissa, 62

Lives: Sydney
Job: Makeup Artist
Bio: Marissa, who now works as a makeup artist, is one third of The Rancan Sisters. In the '80s, Marissa and her twin sisters famously brought aerobics to Australia every morning on Good Morning Australia.


Mat, 30

Lives: Broken Hill
Job: Mining Electrician
Bio: Mat is a down-to-earth country man who was born and raised in Broken Hill and works at the local mine.


Shane, 39

Lives: Tweed Heads
Job: Marriage Celebrant
Bio: The 39-year-old father of three is hoping to win Big Brother so he can spend the money on his friends and family. The marriage celebrant also previously worked as a DJ and MC.


SooBong, 48

Lives: Adelaide
Job: Delivery Driver
Bio: Over the years, father of three SooBong has worked as a singer, casino dealer, personal trainer, golf coach, sound engineer and ski instructor. According to Channel Seven, he is "one of the happiest human beings you'll ever meet."


Sophie, 25

Lives: Darwin
Job: Gymnast
Bio: Sophie began training as a gymnast from a young age and eventually made the 2012 London Olympics team when she was 18 years old. Unfortunately two months out from the games, a career-ending back injury forced her to retire.


Xavier, 23

Lives: Sydney
Job: Medic
Bio: While Xavier is undoubtedly one of the most chilled housemates in the Big Brother house, the 23-year-old admits he can be a bit of a troublemaker. According to Channel Seven, "Xavier is adept at reading others and can manipulate a situation to the point that no-one will have any idea he’s the one running the show."

Zoe, 39

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Woodwork Teacher
Bio: Besides working as a woodwork teacher at a secondary school, Zoe also runs a lifestyle and parenting blog, 'The Subtle Mummy' about her life as a mother of two kids under six.


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