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The Big Brother cast of 2022: Who they are, and why you definitely recognise some of them.

Big Brother is back, and instead of international A-listers, this season is championing talent closer to home. 

Yep, 2022 is set to be a blast from the past with quite a few of our favourite housemates from previous seasons, making a return for the crown. 

We only have the names of eight 'BB royalty' housemates coming back so far, along with 11 other brand new contestants and in a new trailer, we've been able to get a sneak peek of what's to come from the old and the new cast... and boy, are we in for a ride. 

Watch the trailer for Big Brother Australia 2022: Royalty v New Blood. Post continues after video. 

Video via the Seven Network.

It's Big Brother's 21st birthday, and they've invited the "biggest, noisiest and most-loved housemates from the past" to face off against a new set of "young, hungry housemates" to take out the win.

The season is set to drop any second now, and we have SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. 

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming series.

When will Big Brother Australia: Royalty v New Blood begin? 

The 21st anniversary season of Big Brother Australia will air Monday May 9, on Channel 7 and 7plus.

What can we expect from Big Brother this season? 

Those who've watched Big Brother before may already be very familiar with the faces who've won crowns, stirred controversy and caused trouble throughout the years. 2022 should be no different from the drama-filled episodes of the past that we know and love. 

Sonia Kruger is confirmed to be back for another year of hosting. 

Just like last year, it looks like the episodes have been filmed in advance - unliked the OG seasons which aired in real-time. 

All the housemates (ranging from the ages of 22 to 52) will enter the Big Brother house with the aim of surviving each eviction for a total of 62 days. In the finale, three housemates will be left standing, in which Australia will get to decide who deserves to win the ultimate $250,000 prize. 


Who is in the Big Brother cast? 

There are set to be 21 all new players this season, however only 19 names have been released so far.


Aleisha, 24.

Aleisha. Image: Channel 7. 

Aleisha tells us that she is not only a good liar, but that it comes naturally to her. The entrepreneur might be a fan of the show but we have our belief that not even being star-struck by good ol' Tully and Drew will deter her from going all in for the BB crown.

Aleisha predicts her secret weapon on Big Brother - other than her impeccable social game - will be her physical strength.

Joel, 27.

Joel. Image: Channel 7. 


The fitness fanatic refers to himself as a "strong physical player". 

Joel is also a self-described "dream man", who prides himself on being a perfect boyfriend and a major flirt. Not sure if this is an important detail, but he's also vegan. So there's that.

Johnson, 25. 

Johnson. Image: Channel 7. 

Johnson is a self-confessed "massive" fan of Big Brother, admitting he's "watched every second of every episode".

There's no doubt this admitted alpha male will have an interesting experience going up against the other housemates. His opinionated nature and love for the game may make him an instant threat in the Big Brother house - so we'd watch out if we were you, Johnson!

Josh, 32.

Josh. Image: Channel 7. 


Josh is a bit of an enigma, and we think that's exactly what could get him to the end. 

The former model planted his roots in Byron Bay, where he now owns a house painting business. 

Despite being independent and a lone wolf, Josh admits he craves affections and is open to finding a "housewife". Which makes us all the more curious to see exactly what he's like in the Big Brother house.

Sam, 31.

Sam. Image: Channel 7. 


Sam, who is an intimacy coach, says her superpower is the art of seduction. While we're yet to see more of Sam, the trailer may have already told us there could be a brewing romance with BB royalty, Drew (yes, the Drew who was obsessed with Tully during his OG season). 👀 

Gabbie, 22. 

Gabbie. Image: Channel 7. 

Former flight attendant, Gabbie is a free-spirited thinker with the motto, "what people don’t know, won’t hurt them". We like her already. 

We're sure her charisma, charm and ability to raise her voice when necessary will take her far into the season - but as of now, it's really anybody's game.

Jaycee, 23.

Jaycee. Image: Channel 7. 


The self-described "smiling assassin" might just be the biggest threat to the Big Brother house, and we're tingling with anticipation already. 

The hip hop artist, who also doubles as an entrepreneur, says he doesn't mind taking matter into his own hands to cunningly win the game. 

He also can apparently makes musical instruments from anything he can find in the house. And while I may be curious, I'm not sure any of the contestants would want to see (or hear) that.

Lara, 52.

Lara. Image: Channel 7. 

Lara is a grandmother hailing from regional New South Wales. She is a mother of four and a grandmother of one, and it's not an understatement when we say Big Brother literally aided in saving her life. 

According to TV Tonight, Lara was required to undertake standard medical tests in order to compete and found that there were pre-cancer cells detected in her cervix. Thankfully, it only took a small operation to get her ready to go for the latest season of Big Brother. 


All we can say is, Lara, we can't bloody wait to meet you.

Melanie, 41. 

Melanie. Image: Channel 7. 

Melanie, who was a flight attendant before the pandemic, currently works as a receptionist - meaning her social game may be the best we see this season. 

Considering she has a happiness that is "contagious", there is no doubt she will be a major threat to the rest of the housemates. 

Taras, 34.

Taras. Image: Channel 7. 


From a music teacher, to writer for Sticky Fingers and multi-instrumentalist in his own band, The Lulu Raes - Taras says his ability to manipulate and enact sneaky game play will make him one of the most unexpected housemates on this season of Big Brother.

Apparently his game plan will be aligning himself with the strongest players, while also not making any moves to alienate the weaker players, and all we have to say about that is good luck, mate. You'll need it.

Lulu, 39.

Lulu. Image: Channel 7. 

Lulu grew up in Brazil where she studied journalism, advertising and marketing, before she met her now husband of 12 years. The pair now live in Brisbane and she works in community services. 

This isn't Lulu's first step into the spotlight (she was an extra on a program in Brazil once), and we're sure we'll be seeing her elsewhere considering her dream is being the star of a famous soap opera. 

Big Brother Royalty.

Dave Graham, 42, 2006 housemate. 

Dave Graham. Image: Instagram @farmerdave9m8 / Channel 7. 


Dave graced our screens in 2006 on Big Brother and became a memorable face when he came out as gay during an emotional episode during his season. Not much has changed for the farmer, who is now 42. 

Since his BB days though, he's built a successful career as an international dog trainer, which has seen him travel across the world.

He is also a father of four and a youth program manager at RuffTRACK - a farm-based youth charity that aims to set vulnerable youth up with a secure future. 

Anthony Drew, 33, 2013 housemate.

Drew Anthony. Image: Instagram @drewanthony_ / Channel 7. 


Anthony Drew, better known as Drew, was the beloved runner-up on the 2013 season of Big Brother

He's best remembered for his romance with Tully Smith though, who was in a relationship with someone else when she entered the BB house. The pair were admittedly not able to make their relationship work outside of the competition, but remain friends. 

Estelle Landy, 33, 2012 housemate.

Estelle Landy. Image: Instagram @estelleey / Channel 7. 

Estelle Landy is infamous for having the most nominations in season nine of Big Brother, with a total of 19. She also faced eight out of twelve evictions, back in the days when the audience used to have all the power. 

Despite this, she still managed to take third place, behind Layla Subritzky and Benjamin Norris. She is still the same ol' Estelle we came to know and revere back in 2012, and still rides, skates, and works as a horse riding coach on NSW's north coast.

Layla Subritzky, 33, 2012 runner-up.

Layla Subritzky. Image: Instagram @laylasubritzky / Channel 7. 


Layla was a much loved character during her 2012 stint on Big Brother and placed second behind Benjamin. She's remembered for her iconic tune, Oats-a-la-Layla and her steamy romance with intruder Sam Wallace.

Just as we remember her, Layla is still the affable 'English Rose' Australia fell in love with over a decade ago and there's no chance she won't go down this time without a major fight for the BB crown.

After her time on the show, she also competed on the third season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2013. She was fired in task seven, finishing in seventh place.

Reggie Bird, 42, 2003 winner.

Reggie Bird. Image: Instagram @reggiebirdbb / Channel 7. 


Regina Bird was the 2003 winner of Big Brother and captured the heart of Australia. 

Despite taking out the monumental win, Reggie admits she initially had trouble finding a job after the show. 

"I left everything and moved to Sydney. I couldn't get a job for about two years after the show because no one would take me seriously. I spent all the money I had left on rent…” she explained on the podcast, Not Here To Make Friends.

Reggie's life hasn't been the easiest, having been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa - a condition that has left her legally blind. 

Upon her return, Reggie will be sure to make it a show worth watching.

“This may be a new game but I’m still the same old Reggie. It’s just little old me from Tazzie,” she said. “Big Brother’s in my blood. I just can’t believe I’m here.”

Tim Dormer, 37, 2013 winner.

Tim Dormer. Image: Instagram @timdormer / Channel 7. 

Tim took out the win on Big Brother in 2013 for being an absolute s**t stirrer, and even made a stint on Canada’s Big Brother series in 2016. 


His unique game play and ability to make a splash is what took him far in his original season but whether he will be able to get away with his usual schemes this time round - with so many legendary players and cunning new housemates - is the question we'll just have to wait to find out. 

Currently, Tim works as a disability support care worker.

With his return to the BB house, there's no doubt he will be giving every other contestant a run for their money.

Trevor Butler, 48, 2004 winner.

Trevor Butler. Image: Instagram @bigtrevb / Channel 7. 

Trevor Butler is the only contestant to ever win $1,000,000, instead of the usual $250,000 and is remembered for the moment he proposed to his girlfriend, Breea Forrest, on stage after he won. 

These days, the pair share two sons together, Maika and Creedance.

Last time around, Trevor was able to use his prize money to set him up with a home and a foundation. If he wins this season, he says he'll be able to use the money to pay off his boys' school fees and get his children's book off the ground. 

Interestingly enough, Trevor will enter the BB house as the only returning player to have never been nominated.

Tully Smyth, 34, 2013 housemate.

Tully Smyth. Image: Instagram @tee_smyth / Channel 7. 


Tully is, of course, best remembered for her relationship with Drew, but is a woman of many hats these days. An influencer, blogger, and podcaster, she keeps herself very busy.

Drew was a guest on her podcast in 2020, where they spoke about the demise of their relationship after the show.

"I moved to Melbourne, I was all in. He wasn’t," Tully said.

"I was a bit of a prick," Drew admitted. "I don’t have regrets but it wasn’t real. It was more real inside the house. I wasn’t myself for 12 to 24 months after the house and neither was she. It [their relationship] wasn’t given a real life go."

"We got caught up in it, and before we knew it, we had fallen apart," Tully recalled.

As for whether they're glad they appeared on Big Brother

"It’s a double-edged sword," Drew said. "Without it [Big Brother] we would have never met each other, but what it turned us into made us not work."

This article was published on April 10, 2022 and was updated on May 8, 2022.

Feature Image: Instagram @reginabirdbb, @tee_smsyth, @luluforu.

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