Watch Beyonce shut down a handsy assistant on the red carpet.


Hands off.

If you have the duty — nay, the privilege — of putting your hands on the personage of a queen, you must conduct yourself with the utmost care.

One overzealous assistant found that out the hard way on the red carpet before the cameras of the world as she valiantly — some would say too enthusiastically — worked to prevent her boss Beyonce from suffering a public nip-slip.

Mrs Carter, 34 (or 36, if you ask her dad), was posing for photos on the red carpet for the inaugural Tidal X concert wearing a stunning plum-covered gown that must have required acres of boob tape.

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Beyonce, ever composed, stood patiently as photographers snapped and the assistant fluttered around her, tugging at her dress here and pulling at her fur shawl there.

Finally, though, it became too much.

“Stop it,” she told the assistant through a winning smile, never looking away from the cameras.

The assistant got told. She quickly removed herself from the scene. She may have committed harakiri afterwards, I am unsure.

Side boob note: the photographers got Beyonce’s attention by yelling, “Hey, queen! Over here, queen!”

Beyonce must surely be more regal than any Windsor, and you don’t see minders manhandling the Queen. So hands off, overzealous assistant!