Best & Worst + Week in Pix

We are trying for something new this week, to shake things up we’ve combined our regular best and worst post with the week in pictures gallery. Feel free to comment on the pictures, tell us about the best and worst parts of your week or both.

But first, a quick summary of the week on Mamamia and some highlights.

The post that made us laugh: Some highlights from the Menswear Spring 2012 fashion collections. Hilarious.

The post that made us cry: This thought-provoking post about the 10 million people starving in the Horn of Africa.

The post that made us think: Erica Bartle’s post about faith. A must-read.

The post that made us debate: Tony Abbott’s post on why he doesn’t support a carbon tax.

The post that made us swoon: This video – we are all a little bit in love with Justin Timberlake.

Now, it’s over to Rick for his best and worst:

Best: I spent the weekend in Brisbane hanging with my best friend in all the land Bridie. We went off to another friend’s wedding on the Saturday and bickered lovingly about our hair and her make-up. Brisbane hasn’t changed a bit and I kind of like it. It might have been rainy and cold but there’s something quite charming about her.

Worst: Bridie was at work when I flew in late on Friday night so she had arranged for her sister to be at home to let me in. I needed to go out to have some drinks with some high school mates so I was in a rush but when I got to their place the sister wasn’t answering her phone and there was nowhere to knock on the door (block of units). Nooooooooo. I rang Bridie who blew a fuse and then told me to put my bags under the house. Umm, what house? The one you are at, she says. You mean number 48? Silence.

I was next door. Wrong place. Eventually found it and all was well. Just.