Hayley invited her ex-boyfriend to her wedding. He brilliantly trolled her in his RSVP.

US woman Hayley Stamper found herself going viral when she tweeted a photo of a RSVP card returned to her for her upcoming wedding.

The guest in question was her ex-boyfriend who she had amicably separated from five years ago.

Following her instructions, the unnamed ex-partner marked that he was going to the wedding, responding to the question “I promise to dance if you play…”.

His song of choice? I Loved Her First by Heartland.

Realising she had been playfully trolled, Hayley shared the RSVP on Twitter and it promptly went viral. Five days since her original tweet, the post has attracted 104,000 likes and 15,100 retweets.

Confused as to why anyone would want to invite their ex-partner to their wedding? Hayley predicted the sceptical comments, and explained her decision.

Hayley explained through Twitter that her, her fiancé and ex-boyfriend went to the same high school have remained friends.

“We broke up over five years ago and have both moved on but kept the friendship,” she wrote, responding to a comment.

“My fiancé and my ex went to the same HS (high school) and played football together for four years. They’re still friends. It was just my fiancé’s decision as it was mine to invite him.”

She also said that he was just one of 600 guests and wrote, “I feel lucky to have at least one ex that we both can still remain friends with.”

The responses were mixed. Some were baffled by the bride-to-be’s choice, while others congratulated her for being so mature. Some even offered alternate song recommendations.



It should also be noted that the song I Loved Her First actually refers to a father singing about the bittersweet moment watches his daughter at her wedding, which given the context, is a little odd… But Hayley has confirmed that his request will not be making it into the wedding playlist.

Fair enough.