The only TV shows you need to watch this summer.

Each week on Mamamia OutLoud we’d give our recommendations of what we had watched/read or listened to that week. But you told us you wanted more. So we came up with three bonus episodes that would give you just that. Greedy buggers. 

Summer TV sucks the fat one guys. It’s reruns, boat races and old movies. Besides the cricket (go you good thing, Steve Smith et al) it’s just crickets on all the other channels.


You know the streaming. Netflix. Stan. Presto. iview. The world is your viewing oyster these holidays guys. The Mamamia OutLoud team have done a whole podcast on what you should be watching and sorted through the crap shows so you don’t have to.

So let’s see what Mia, Jamila and Monique recommend.

The Beautiful Lie – ABC iview

In case you missed it, (and you might have, it was only a short series), this ABC production is one of the finest pieces of Australian TV in recent memory. The acting, the production values, the themes; you’ll want to slap your palms on the couch in disbelief, ring your bestie and say “were you team Skeet or team Xander?”

Black Mirror – Netflix

Short, one-hour episodes that stand alone. Black Mirror looks at how society uses technology. It’s weird, but that’s kinda what makes it so great. It will make you think about the way you use your phone, and the way you react with the internet, in a completely different way.

Unreal – Stan

Created by one of The Bachelor producers in the US,  it’s a real behind-the-scenes fictionalised account of what it is like to work on a Bachelor-esque TV show. It very meta – but a warning – you may never watch The Bachelor in the same way.

Nashville – Netflix, iTunes and Foxtel

It’s the show that is on everyone’s list.  Rayna James is a country music star. Don’t be fooled – this show has hardly anything to do with that part. It’s love, relationships, power, celebrity, motherhood, generational differences and a shit-ton of amazing Connie Briton hair.

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