Just 32 of the most underrated things about being in a long-term relationship.

WARNING: Feelings ahead. Lots and lots of feelings.

Long-term relationships are a conundrum.

They’re comfy and warm, like pulling on a jumper someone’s warmed up for you. And then your partner goes and walks too far ahead of you, chews too loudly or says something rude about your friend, and suddenly you can’t stand the sight of them.

But a Reddit thread (the good kind) has reminded us of all the things we take for granted in our long-term relationships, so we compiled a list of the 32 most underrated things about being with someone you’ve known for years.

Some are quiet. Some are silly. And some will break your heart.

Because sometimes we just need reminding what we’ve got right in front of us.

Side note – Yes, this post is about all the excellent things about being in a long-term relationship. But being single has its perks too. Post continues after video.

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They know the little things about you so you don’t have to explain anything to them… most of the time.

Having meals together. That’s probably one of the worst things for me about being single. I love to cook. But hate just eating it myself. In a relationship you always have someone there to enjoy it with you

A tender hug for no particular reason, other than you both naturally want to.

Not having to always shave your legs all the time, an oldie but a goodie.

Your inside jokes and nicknames no one else would find funny but they’re yours.

The bliss of falling asleep in a hug.

Making new friendships because of your partner. I’ve had friendships with the wags for 11 years!

Having someone love you even though they’ve seen your worst parts and seen you at your worst.

Having a second family – as much as navigating Christmas Day can be a nightmare, I love feeling apart of my partner’s family and seeing the love they have for her.


Having someone to watch truly, truly terrible TV with.

Someone who knows all your secrets.

Being TRULY vulnerable. My wife and I lost our seven-month-old son to cancer in Oct of 2016, earth shattering diagnosis and outcome, but being vulnerable and accepting that when she says “I love you” it encompasses so much more than three words. Vulnerability, loss, life, passion and joy flood through me when were together. Nothing else matters, honestly.

Just being able to have someone to text or maintain constant contract with. The hardest part of every relationship ending for me is not having a text every time I look at my phone or not being able to look forward to telling my partner something that happened during the day.

Just being completely ridiculous with someone. Last night I hid from my partner under the covers and she couldn’t find me for a few seconds. It was completely stupid, but we both had a great laugh.

Having someone to help clasp necklaces and help with the top part of zippers. I’m not very flexible and sometimes I’ve had to change an outfit entirely because I couldn’t get the zip or the top button completely done.

Not having to deal with the world of trying to meet people and dating anymore. Because it’s exhausting, no?

You know someone is always there to listen to you. You can tell them about the dumbest thing about your day or something really gut wrenching.

When you go to a restaurant and there are two things on the menu you want, you can get your partner to order one of them and share.

Having someone to watch your luggage when you have to pee at the airport.

Someone whose pimples you can squeeze, and someone to squeeze your back pimples. And to take a look at that weird lump on your bum, monitor your moles and shave that spot you can’t reach.

They can help you with your problems and vice versa.

Being totally comfortable with silences. Just being around each other is enough.

Having someone who doesn’t get grossed out by your weird habits. They still tell you they’re weird, but they don’t ask you to change.

Always having someone to do mundane tasks with. It’s like having your best friend with you when you have to do boring chores from laundry and doctors appointments to nipping to the shops to buy pegs, except they’re happy to be there with you.

The mental security of knowing that someone finds you attractive and likes your personality.

Being able to tell them something you feel so deeply horrible about you can’t tell anyone else. Two years ago I completely f*cked up at work and felt sick to my stomach about it for days keeping it to myself. Being able to tell my partner at first felt like having the wind knocked out of me, but then I could breathe again.


Being able to share your world with another person. Your experiences, your friends, your family. And to have that person want to be a part of your world. It’s awesome.

The effortless physical contact. They may be holding a conversation with someone and then reach out to your and put their hand on your back. I’m terrible at describing it but it feels like it cements the togetherness you guys have.

Someone to massage your lower back when it’s really sore and you can’t get there.

Being able to be yourself. You can take off your public mask and just be the real you around them.

Coming home to the same person every night… I LOVE that feeling.

Not having to hold in farts. About four months into my three-year relationship my partner accidentally let one slip. It was the stick that broke the dam because now neither of us hold them in, ever. Also sometimes you can get a serious stomach ache from holding in farts.

Just saying.

What do you love most about your long-term relationship? Tell us in the comments!

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