The Spotify playlist that 1.9 million people are loving sick right now.

When I sing, I sound like a cat being strangled.

But when I’m in the shower, everyone’s chairs would swivel around for me. Even Delta.

In the shower, I’m practically Celine Dion. My heart will go on, as long as the hot water does, too.

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And if you’re like me, a suds-it-up-and-belt-it-out-as-loud-as-you-can-type, Spotify have heard us.

Because the genius’ over there have made a playlist specifically for this humble, everyday activity. Specifically for when you’re in your birthday suit, clutching a flannel, and letting the water run through your bum crack.

It’s called Songs To Sing in the Shower and it’s for everyone whose shower is their own personal Superbowl Halftime Show.

Get it.



It’s hit after hit after hit. Whitney Houston. The Backstreet Boys. Spice Girls. Coldplay. AFRICA by TOTO.

It will turn your car into a James Corden karaoke special. It will turn your shower into an audition for The Voice. It will turn your walk/gym session/cooking dinner into a showtime spectacular.  It will make work seem fun.

As an aside, I actually can’t believe this is someone’s job. It makes me feel so good to know that a bunch of people at Spotify sat around a boardroom and brainstormed what songs will maximise people’s shower-singing.


I thank you, Spotify. My neighbours don’t.

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