The six best podcast apps for Android Users. Huzzah!

Have you noticed when it comes to podcasts everyone presumes you listen on your iPhone?

“Find it in iTunes !” they say. “Listen on the iTunes podcast app!”

But what if you don’t have an iPhone? What if your apples are confined to the Pink Lady variety in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table?

Stupid iphone people with their stupid podcast app

If you’re a that’s Samsung or Chrome or other type of android, HELLO.  We’ve heard your podcast plea. And here are the best podcast apps for Android.

Pocket Casts

Cost: $3.99

Perks: It’s Australian made and, like all Aussie things it’s pretty awesome. It was the winner of the Google Play Editor’s Choice Awards. And it’s easy to use. It has a function called ‘Pocket Cast Sync’ which transfers all your files to multiple devices.

Download Here.


And would you look at that? We have our own profile…

Cost: Free

Perks: It’s easy to use. You can listen to podcasts or music uploaded by bands – and the app updates you when your favourite podcasts have dropped a new track. So friendly.

Get it here.

Player FM; Podcast Offline.

Cost:  Free

Perks: Can stream podcasts offline-yep, you don’t need an internet connection for this one. Hello inflight listening. It also gives you recommendations on topics and genres, so helpful. And has a Google Play rating of 4 stars.

Download Here.


Cost: Free

Perks: Allows yout to keep episodes that creators have deleted. Works on both phones and tablets, and has a
Google Play rating of 4 stars.

Download Here.

Podcast and Radio Addict

Cost: Free

Perks: Compatible with your android watches, easy to use. And can stream and store podcasts, audiobooks and YouTube channels. It has a Google Play rating of 4.5 stars.

Download Here.


Cost: $4.26

Perks: You can play this bad boy on any devices that support android software. And it will hook up to any bluetooth device so you can listen through speakers. It’s easy to use and has a Google Play Rating of 4.5

Download Here.

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