The 1:3 holiday hack is the only one you'll need when packing your clothes.

When many of us go travelling, we encounter one issue: packing.

You see, a lot of the time we just want to pack our whole closet. How do we know what we’ll want to wear? What if the weather forecast changes? What if you have no clothes to wear for an unexpected event that comes up on the trip? There are many scenarios to be accounted for.

And while packing hacks are aplenty on the internet, finding one that actually works is rare.

Carolyne Jasinski, writing for Escape recently, shared one of her favourite travelling hacks that is so clever yet so simple.

The trick is that for every pair of bottoms you pack, you will need three tops. It’s a very straightforward, 1:3 ratio.

As Jasinski explains it, “Pants and skirts take up more room than shirts and you can get away with wearing “bottoms” more often.”

As easy as that.

It also means that your tops can vary from casual to more fancy, changing the suitability of the outfit for any occasion. Genius.

genius packing hacks
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Another fave one that Mamamia staff love is the $10 packing cubes hack.

This involves a little more work, but is just as effective. All you have to do is order your clothes into folded piles, (e.g. bottoms, dresses, tops and underwear), and then place each group into a different packing cube. Put them in your suitcase and ta-da!

It keeps your clothes organised and means that you won't be digging around your suitcase for every piece of clothing you want.

They come in all shapes and sizes and for the most part don’t allow your clothes to get too wrinkled.

packing cube travel bags
Yes, these things. They're bigger than they look. Image: Supplied.

Another favourite is explode-proofing your toiletries.

We've all been there when we open your suitcase and your shampoo has just gone everywhere.

So, a simple solution is putting all of your toiletries into a plastic bag, ensuring that even if it does explode, it won't go all over your new summer dress.

You can take a further preventative measure by placing glad wrap over the top between the lid and the bottle.

What is your favourite packing hack? Tell us in the comments section below.