The best of the 2012 Red Carpets

Think of this as your awards season cheat sheet. At least a red carpet one, anyway.

Use it as a conversation tool; great for filling in those awkward silences that arise in the elevator at work or at those social gatherings you feel obliged to attend.

Have a look through the gallery and then we’ll give you some conversation starters.

Okay, now some suggestions to get you started:

“OMG. Did you see Rose Byrne in THAT jumpsuit at the SAG Awards?”

“We need to talk about Sofia Vergara. Is it just me, or does she get it right on the red carpet every single time?”

Better still, try this:

“What do you think of the crotch-split dress? I’m seeing it everywhere on the red carpet. Thinking of trying one myself this Saturday night.’

And if you want to see the full galleries, you don’t have to go far. We have them right here.

The Golden Globes.

The People’s Choice Awards

The Critics’ Choice Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards

The AACTA Awards


Do you have a favourite look? Better still, do you have a favourite gallery?