The sweetest fan moment and Travis' tribute: The highlights from Taylor Swift's Sydney Eras Tour.

Following on from her record-breaking performance at Melbourne's MCG, Taylor Swift has descended on Sydney and she didn't disappoint. 

Once again, the crowd was one of a kind display of dedication, dressed in their Tay Tay best. 

With around 81,000 concertgoers, Accord Stadium wasn't quite as packed as the MCG, but the enormous sea of fans weren't any less enthralled. Here are the best and biggest moments from the first Sydney Eras show. 

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Video via the 2024 Grammy Awards.

"A little bit of a weather situation."

Following sweltering heat throughout the day, Sydney was hit with heavy rain and lightning just before 6pm. The stadium was already packed, thanks to hoards of Swifties wanting to get their hands on official merchandise. 

The weather forced parts of the arena to be temporarily evacuated, and ultimately led to the cancellation of Swift's Aussie support act, Sabrina Carpenter. 

A gift from the Swift Gods though saw the rain pass in time for Swift's arrival, just after the 7.30am scheduled start time. 

"We had a little bit of a weather situation, a little bit of rain, but I have never known an Aussie crowd that let anything get in the way," she told fans.


Taylor Swift's generous gesture to support act star.

Sabrina Carpenter fortunately didn't miss out on her chance to shine, with Swift bringing the up-and-coming star on stage to sing a mashup medley acoustic duet of White Horse and Coney Island. 

"My incredibly, talented, wonderful, gorgeous, hilarious, genius opening act Sabrina Carpenter — she heroically sacrificed her show, which I think is a crime against Sydney," Swift told fans. "And I think it needs to be fixed, so I'm going to bring her out now, is that okay Sydney?"

It was certainly okay with the Sydney crowd. 

@mamamiaaus Taylor Swift brought Sabrina Carpenter onstage at the Eras Tour Sydney Night 1 after bad weather meant she didn’t perform her opening act. Some short but severe thunderstorms swept through Accor stadium which delayed the start of the show. #taylorswift #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #erastoursydneyn1 #sabrinacarpenter ♬ original sound - Mamamia

Taylor's sweet moment with a fan. 

Nine-year-old Scarlett Oliver sadly has a very aggressive brain cancer with no cure. But on Friday night, she experienced a moment she and her step-mother Natalie will never forget. 

Little Scarlett was picked from the crowd by Swift, and she was gifted Swift's black fedora hat she wore during her performance of '22'. The pair also exchanged a heart-warming hug.

Natalie had posted in a Taylor Swift fan Facebook group showing a photo of Scarlett holding a handmade poster that read: "Taylor can I have the 22 hat? Please."

Her biggest wish came true — to receive the iconic hat, but also meet her favourite popstar.


Travis Kelce's first Aussie Eras concert. 

All eyes were on Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce who high-fived fans as he made his way to the VIP tent, wearing several Swiftie friendship bracelets. It was his first time attending a down-under Eras show. 

Swift dedicated the song 'Karma' to her man, once again changing the lyrics to: "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me."

The pair finished the night off with a passionate kiss. 


As always, the Swifties' fashion choices didn't disappoint. While there was plenty of pink, glitter and cowboy boots, much of the crowd took inspiration from Kelce — many donned red '87' jerseys, proving just how obsessed fans are with their 'Love Story'. 

@mamamiaaus Karma is a guy on the Chiefs!!!!!! #traviskelce #taylorswift #erastour #erastoursydneyn1 #erastourtaylorswift #thechiefs #kansascitychiefs ♬ Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice

Big celebrity spottings.

Kelce wasn't the only celebrity spotted in the crowd, with Katy Perry and Rita Ora also in attendance, along with Ora's husband, New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was also in the crowd, having earlier refused to hand his ticket over to a desperate fan on radio earlier that day. 


Feature Image: Getty. 

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