The $27 lunchbox that an Aussie food blogger says is the only one her kids will eat from.

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve struggled to get your kids to eat a balanced diet at some stage. Maybe the war still wages on…

And in a moment of exasperation, you’ve almost definitely asked, “What did you eat today?” when your child returns home from school with a half-full lunchbox.

Well, food blogger Phoodie may have just found the perfect solution – and it’s all in the lunchbox.

“[Their lunchboxes] always used to be full until I got a Yumbox,” she said in a video posted to Instagram Stories.

Phoodie swears by Yumbox, a compartmentalised lunchbox, which includes a handy guide for making sure your kids are eating healthy, balanced meals.

Image: Instagram Stories

And if variety is the spice of life, this lunchbox is perfect, with small sections dedicated to each of the five main food groups.

The lunchboxes, which retail for $27, also include easy-to-open latches, so your little ones won't struggle getting the lid off.

And for parents, they also feature leak-proof lids and removable trays for easy cleaning.

For Phoodie though, it's all about the convenience.

"I'm just going to confirm that I'm not the mum that gets up to make bunny-shaped sushi and muffins at 4am everyday," she said.

Phoodie said she'll pack her kids' lunches the night before, using leftovers from dinner, and added it helps save a lot of time and stress in the morning.

The control freak in us already loves these lunchboxes. Question: Do they make they make them for adults, too?

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