These Bridezilla demands are so crazy, you'll never want to attend a wedding again.

Ah, bridezilla stories: everyone’s got one. Except some people’s are way, way better than others.

And if you think the bride who cut her hair moments before heading to the alter was outrageous, think again — because new wedding woe tales have been shared on Whisper and they are beyond incredible.

We’ll give you a minute to grab a bowl of popcorn and pour a glass of wine. You’re going to need it.

best bridezilla requests

Father of the Bride. Source: Youtube. 

Starting out at the tamer end of things, confessions ranged from "She gave us all lubricating eye drops and asked us to simulate crying after her vows," to "Bride put her dress on and then started freaking out about sweating. We had to get under her dress and rub baby powder between and down her legs."

There was also the bride who made her friend "Get my toes done with her initials on one big toe and his on the other. The shoes I was told to wear didn't show my toes at all," which is just a step too far, tbh.

Also included was this woman, who was nearly sent broke by her friend's big day. "I was a bridesmaid I was told to cover my tattoos. Spent $200 on makeup and was in four photos where my tattoos wouldn't have been showing anyway."

best bridezilla requests

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Source: Youtube. 

According to two other women, makeup requests are not that uncommon.

"She wouldn't let me do my own makeup and I ended up wearing the cheapest shit she could find. It made my acne flare up and cost me so much in facials and product to fix," one woman shared.

Another contributed, "I had paid for my own French mani/pedi, then the day of the wedding the bride hands me a bottle of hot pink polish and tells me to paint my toes. Coulda saved me a $50 pedi..."

But soon enough the requests began to get stranger, with one bridesmaid instructed to "Dunk the bouquet in liquid nitrogen and then smash it at their feet while they kiss." Okay...

best bridezilla requests

Muriel's Wedding. Source: Giphy. 

Another was asked "To dye my hair blonde so that she was the only brunette at the wedding," while another was a less-than-thrilled last minute ring in, explaining, Day of the wedding she asked me to be bridesmaid. And gave me her bridesmaids dress which was a size 16. I was a size 2. She begged me to just 'safety pin it.'"

Another common theme for the most important day of a bridezilla's life was urine. Yep, brides love to wee.

"My cousin was a maid of honour and the bride asked her to swap shoes with her because her dress was too big so when she tried to pee she missed the seat and peed her shoes," one woman shared, with another adding, "She borrowed the panties I was wearing cuz she accidentally peed in hers." (Post continues after gallery.)

Perhaps the most invasive request, though, was the bridesmaid asked to go rogue.


"Flirt with the groom," she said of her friend's outlandish requirement. "If he got caught cheating, it'd make the prenuptial null and void."

Finally, though, were the wild beyond our wildest dream bridezilla demands — like the woman who made her friend partner with someone who terrified her.

"I was the maid of honour. She insisted I wear a very tight, short dress and walk down the aisle with her brother who was also my stalker! Nightmare," one bridesmaid shared anonymously.

Another was ordered to "wear a wig," explaining, "I had shaved my hair for charity a month before and she said it would be best for everyone if I wore a wig."

best bridezilla requests

Bridesmaids. Source: Youtube.

An order for surgery was another jaw-dropping request, with someone saying the request was "To get a breast reduction so my chest would fit in the same dress as the rest of the itty bitty titty committee."

The best, though? (We've saved it 'til last, obviously!) A Disney-themed request.

"She had a Beauty & The Beast themed wedding and wanted me to dress up as Lumiere and sing 'Be Our Guest'".

Now that's one bridezilla wedding we'd love to attend.