'I'm a beauty writer. Here are 4 treatments that save me time and effort every single morning.'

The mornings grant me many joys; reading the news, watering my dead plants, eating the last of the muesli and putting the box back in the fridge.

Waking up that bit earlier just to ✨Get Ready✨ is not one of those joys.

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Back when I was a fresh, just-into-the-wild beauty editor, I would spend ages every morning slapping on tons of serums, styling my hair, perfecting a cute eye look and doing a fancy lip.

But, come on. Who has time for that? 

Me, probably. But I'm too lazy. Would much rather spend the extra minutes asleep, tbh.

That's why I've crafted a very effective, simple routine of beauty treatments that help me save precious time and effort in the morning, so I can focus on other important things, like getting mad at the leaf blower guy and spilling Coco Pops on my white trousers.

Wanna know what they are? 

Here are four beauty treatments that help me look more pulled together in the morning.

1. Eyebrow tint (and shape).

I've been blessed with the brow genes of John Howard, so my face crawlers always need a little (a LOTTA) tamin' in the morning. 

This usually means I have to mess about with brow pencils and powders, filling in the gaps, plucking sparse hairs and trying to get them to sit right with gel (WHY SO DISOBEDIENT).

That's why I prefer to get them tinted and shaped every couple of months. Keeps them in check. Makes them look fuller. Means I don't have to fart around.

I go to Kristin Fisher Eyebrows in Double Bay, Sydney - because they always nail the brief.


2. Eyelash extensions or eyelash lift.

Having my eyelashes done just makes me feel more put together in the mornings. Like, I can wake up later and already be a step ahead. 

Whether I go for eyelash extensions or a lift, they both mean I can just skip the whole eye makeup thing all together - it's a major time-saver. I usually just slap on some foundation, blush and a little highlighter and I'm good to go. 

Just keep in mind that to avoid any damage on your natural lashes, you're going to want to see a team of licensed lash technicians. 

Look, it usually costs more than that dodgy little place around the corner, but your lashes will thank you for it by not falling out.

I've been going to Fancy Lash in Potts Point, Sydney.

3. IPL hair removal.

Hate shaving and waxing? SAME. While this one is more of a DIY beauty treatment rather than a professional one, I can't not include my at-home laser device - it's a bloody massive time-saver.

While I had professional laser treatments a few years back, I've since switched to using an at-home device - it's easier and works out cheaper.

I've tried a few different hair removal devices in the past, and Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal, $699, is my favourite. These kinda things can be PRICEY. But gosh, if you find a good one, you're cheering. 

After the first couple of treatments you'll be able to see a difference. I'm sloppy with my up-keep, but still manage to nab myself some really good results. You can also download the app on your phone and set up calendar reminders, if that's your kind of thing.

4. Bio sculpture manicure.

You know when you get your nails done and you just feel like a better version of yourself? No? Just me?

I love a good manicure. I always tend to go for a bio sculpture gel - I find this lasts so much longer without chipping, breakage and all that other fun stuff. 

Plus, it gives my nails a chance to grow underneath. Afterwards, they always feel pretty strong and healthy (as long as I don't, y'know, tear them off). (I do).

My go-to place is The Parlour Room in Clovelly, Sydney. Have you been in? Sat on the comfy couches? Could 100 per cent live in there.

What's your favourite time-saving beauty treatment? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied; Mamamia.

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