LEIGH CAMPBELL: "I've been a beauty expert for 15 years. These are the products I always buy with my own money."

I’m often asked how this beauty editor gig works. Do I get a free unlimited supply of every beauty product that exists for eternity?

Sadly, no.

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What normally happens is a brand will send a new product for review at the time it is launching. I try it, recommend it (or not), and then move on. It’s sort of a sending-once-only policy, so if I fall in love with any of the products I try, then I simply end up purchasing it for myself time and time again - just like non-beauty editors.

So, I thought I’d share that list with you. Right here, right now.

Jojoba Oil, $19.95.

Australian Jojoba. Image: Mamamia + The Jojoba Company.  

I’ll never stop banging on about jojoba oil for it’s incredible versatility. I first fell in love when it helped clear up the breakouts around my jaw thanks to its antibacterial properties. It’s affordable, great for all skin types and I also use it in my bath, on my nails and even through the dry ends of my hair. 


Beaute Pacifique Clinical Super 3 Booster, $154.

Beaute Pacifique Clinical Super 3 Booster. Image: Mamamia+ Belaméres  .

Don’t get this confused with the other Super Booster from the same brand as it is very different. This product, which is salon-only, features a really sophisticated mix of vitamin A - so it’s powerful when it comes to anti-aging but much more gentle on the skin than a lot of other retinol products. I always wake up feeling so fresh after wearing it to bed. 

Bioderma Micellar Water, $29.99.

Bioderma Micellar Water. Image: Mamamia + Bioderma.   


The GOAT, it’s the micellar water that started it all and the only one my skin doesn't react to. In fact, my skin LOVES it. I use this as my main and only cleanser about 70 percent of the time. Whenever there’s a sale I'm the one who buys all of it. Sorry.

Clairol Root Touch Up, $9.49.

Clairol Root Touch Up. Image: Mamamia + Priceline.   

I’ve been fully grey since my mid 20s, so covering my roots is a frequent undertaking. I use this box dye at home roughly every three weeks - it hides the greys without building up colour on the rest of my hair, as it’s a semi. I’m a shade 5. 

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Retouch, $7.97.

L'oreal Paris Magic Retouch Hair Colour 3 Brown. Image: Mamamia + Woolworths.  


See all the above regarding my grey roots. I use this in between colours to conceal. It’s the ONLY bottle I've found that doesn't cough and splutter product all over my head and clothing. 

IT Cosmetic CC Cream, $63.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF50. Image: Mamamia + Adore Beauty.  

I almost didn't include this on the list as I am buying it less and less as I fall in love with newer base products. However, I looked at my purchase history and I've bought over 10 tubes, so it would be remiss of me to leave it out. It's a fantastic glowy, full coverage foundation that makes skin look radiant. 

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, $8.47.

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab. Image: Mamamia + Chemist Warehouse.  


I hate the look of manky nails which is why I rarely rock a proper mani - they get too unkept too quickly for me. Instead I mostly just wear this nude/blush nail hardener, which I remove and reapply every three days. I only do one coat and it dries super fast. 

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum, $228.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum. Image: Mamamia + AdoreBeauty.   

I was late to the vitamin C serum party because all the ones I had trialled made me break out or pilled under my sunscreen. But not this one. This one is so glowy and juicy and bloody expensive, but to me it's worth it. I wait until Adore Beauty is having a sale to get it a bit cheaper. 

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Model Co Natural Tan, $7.

ModelCo Natural Tan Sensitive Self-Tan Lotion. Image: Mamamia + LookFantasic  


This is the best tan for lazy girls. It's clear and applies just like a body lotion, only a really realistic glow develops over the following hours. It doesn't dry out my skin or make me itch either, which a lot of other DHA products do. 

As I've been typing I've realised there's more, so maybe I’ll do part two in a few weeks. But in the meantime I’d love to hear from you! What are your ride or die products you always restock?

Feature Image: Mamamia and Instagram @Leighacampbell.

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