Just the most hilariously honest tweets from last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Aside from showcasing the very worst society has to offer, Twitter often proves itself to be a platform for some of Australia’s most undervalued comedic talent.

Never is this a more accurate observation than after an episode of The Bachelorette, and Thursday night was no exception.

Therefore, please see last night’s episode told through a series of hilariously honest tweets that say everything you were screaming at the telly… plus gifs.


First, we started with Apollo’s single date on which the producers set a litter of puppies onto the couple:


This was followed by good old fashioned boat race…

Sam and his ponytail were also blessed with their obligatory second double delight rose


… Which was followed by a lovely catch up between Sophie and her captor, Jarrod.

Great mates Sam and Blake then caught up. Proceeded to talk about the possibility of a reverse sister wives scenario in which they both end up with Sophie…

… which perfectly set them up to be in the bottom two and fighting for the last rose.

Sam left. Pretty much says Sophie doesn’t even deserve his “magic dust”. And we all live happily ever after, until next week.

LISTEN: Catch up on our deep and meaningful analysis of Sam’s magic dust on Australia’s funniest Bachelor podcast, Bach Chat…


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