25 mums on the baby shower gifts they actually want and need.

Picking out a baby shower gift isn't easy. 

The last thing you want to do is give mum-to-be something she's already received five times before. You also want to find something mum will actually use for the baby and not something that's just going to be packed away at the top of a cupboard.

Oh, and you shouldn't forget about mum either. After all, she deserves a treat too. 

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To help you figure out what's the best thing to bring to the present table, we asked 25 women to share the most useful baby shower gift they've ever received. 

Consider this your go-to gift guide. 

"There are some great cookbooks by One Handed Cooks that offer great recipes and advice for feeding and starting solids. I would also suggest a white noise machine and/or a night light." -  Emily.

"I give my first-time mummy friends some breastfeeding rescues. A good nipple cream (Lansinoh is good) and some hydrogel breast discs. I wouldn't in a million years have thought to get it for myself and neither did any of my friends. Except for one mum friend and they saved my life." - Samantha.


"Madre is an Australian lady-startup that's all about feel-good beauty products for mums - think nourishing 'belly masks' and boob balms. Their Mama Mantra Pills are my favourite; they look like pink pills in a bottle but actually have tiny scrolls inside with mantras on them, to give mums a daily dose of happiness!" - Tam

"A drink bottle that they can open with one hand for when they are breastfeeding. It's my go-to present and everyone always says how useful it is. Even if they don’t end up breastfeeding a drink bottle won’t go unused." - Kirralee.

"A packet of the old school Terry Towelling nappies! Not to be used as nappies but for everything else - feeding cloths, wiping up spills etc. My kids are 10, 7 and 7 and I still have mine (they can be laundered so easily they last forever)!" - Christie-Lee. 

"Vouchers for meal delivery service. The first few weeks are difficult for both parents working stuff out that cooking dinner is the last thing on your mind. Another gift I love to give first-time mums as a joke but it's also needed is a big tub of Napisan." - Danni.

"I do a basket with baby Panadol, Nurofen, nail cutters, and other bits of baby medical stuff. It’s all stuff you only realise you need in the middle of the night when you don’t have them. Then when the baby's born, I do a hamper up for mum. The baby gets so many presents but she’s the one that deserves some pampering." - Patricia.


"All the unseen things like socks, singlets, wipes, face cloths, nappies, bibs etc. Books will always be a good idea. Clothes in a variety of sizes. A slow cooker!" - Lisa. 

"A beautiful ceramic keep cup so she can drink tea or coffee from a lovely cup and not worry about spilling it on bub. Also, if she has a dog - maybe a voucher for a dog walking service. The first few weeks it feels almost impossible to extend yourself to caring for a dog." - Sarah. 

"A tummy time mat/play mat - I didn’t think we needed one but my mum bought us one and our boy loves it. A blanket/mat to use when outside - again didn’t think I needed it but a friend got me a beautiful one from Ollie and Harper, fluffy on one side, and we have used it heaps (they are a great size to whack in a nappy bag). And Love To Dream swaddles have been a life saver! 

Something really nice for the mum! If you are creative maybe a few little vouchers. My workplace did this for me for ‘cuddles’ so if I was in town and needed some help I could call them and cash in on my 'voucher' for them to hold the baby whilst I did the food shop or went to a beautician or met a friend for coffee and wanted baby-free time!" - Rachel.

"Practical gifts like a baby first aid hamper or a hamper full of organic washes etc. They will get used!"- Zoe. 

"Something for mum like a massage, facial, mani/pedi... anything for some time out." - Debbie. 

"The best thing I ever bought when I was pregnant was a Haakaa (I got the Mumasil version). I now buy them for all my friends who are expecting. Otherwise hooded bath towels, coffee voucher, bath toys, night light, baby thermometer. Also recommend getting a nice book to write in the front of in place of a card. I love looking at the notes still." - Liz.


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"Weleda nappy cream, it's amazing! Every mum I have given it too has asked for more." - Anna. 

"A digital point and press thermometer for taking the baby's temperature was the best present I ever got." - Ally.

"Best gift I ever got was a meal service voucher. I also use muslin wraps for everything and the really nice ones that my kids love were all gifts. Bamboo is particularly soft and lovely." - Adelaide. 

"Go for Love to Dream swaddles, IKEA pack of face washers, baby toiletries, or something for the mum (face masks, eye patches, lovely soaps etc.) She gets SO neglected!" - Bonnie.

"A good idea that not many people think of is cups and plates for when the baby gets older." - Deb. 

"Muslin cloths and swaddles are great but I did get loads of them. Also got lots of soft toys... Our Bumbo seat was a pressie and is great. One of the best gifts we received was a blanket/mat to use outside. That's a really good one!” - Cassidy.

"Tiny Hearts Education - first aid for babies." - Halley.


"Bottle sterilisers and baby monitor cameras so you can check in on the bab. They're great gifts that mums will use." - Antica.  

"Unisex clothes in a size 0 or 1. Go for bigger sizes as they do grow. I was so thankful for the Bonds zippys I was given in larger sizes for when my children grow an inch overnight, and the jumpers for when weather happened suddenly and I was a little unprepared. I was also so grateful for the handmade pram blanket I was given." - Phillipa.

"Batteries, every baby gadget needs batteries. I actually got the idea from my son-in-law. He likes to give a supply of AA and AAA batteries to new dads because he remembers how many devices needed them when his daughter was a newborn." - Dee.

"Not the coolest gift but found super useful is the Nose Frieda. My son is 16 months and I still use it for when he has a cold and I reckon I'll keep using it until he learns to blow his nose... Also Lansinoh and hydrogel breast discs... they saved me." - Maricelle.

"Vouchers for a massage or facial to use six weeks after birth. Or a voucher and babysitting for you and you partner to go to dinner.” - Deseri. 

"A beautiful baby blanket for the stroller/cot. I always wrap baby Panadol in the blanket as it is something new mothers never think of and always need at 2am." - Susan.

What's the best baby shower gift you've ever received? Let us know in the comments below.

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