We asked Mamamia's fashion collective: What swimwear are you loving this summer?

Swimwear can be somewhat of a scary territory.

Finding a style and cut to suit your body, comfort level, and keep you sun-safe can be a mission that sends even the bravest of women hiding as summer comes around. 

But times are changing. 

This year, with the help of Mamamia's resident fashion experts and host of Mamamia's What Are You Wearing podcast, Tamara Davis and Deni Todorovič, shopping for swimwear can be a breeze. 

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"Every person knows the feeling of going into a change room armed with seven different swimsuits and just hoping for a win," Tamara says.

"I think at best, you might leave with one or two that you like. But at worst, it can be quite traumatic, especially if the change rooms are still using old-fashioned down lights and you're seeing every part of your body that you don't want to see."

Tam's top tips? Buy less and buy well.

"Try not to be too swayed by trends because I really feel that swimwear transcends seasons," she says.

"You know what you feel best in and what you feel best in tends to be what you look best in because you're going to radiate confidence, and you're going to feel like yourself."

Armed with those tips, we took to the Mamamia fashion collective to hear what tried-and-true brands they're reaching for again and again this summer.


Here are their top recommendations for swimwear styles everyone's bound to love. 

Katie Parrott

Katie Parrott is a fashion influencer and body activist living in Tasmania. 

Her number one recco this season?

Baiia Tahiti Reversible Bikini Bottoms, $119

"The swimwear that I am looking forward to wearing the most is Baiia swimwear," Katie says.


"They are a sustainable swimwear brand based in Australia. They offer up to a size 26, and what I love about their swimwear, aside from the size inclusivity, is how cute it is. 

"All of the pieces are reversible, which means you can get a ton of different looks from just one bikini."

Image: Supplied.


Yatu Widders Hunt

Yatu Widders Hunt is the founder and curator of the online community: Australian Indigenous Fashion, a virtual community that celebrates First Nations fashion and all the beautiful labels and artwork collaborations that are happening across the sector.

Her top picks for this summer include:

Liandra Swim Gwen One Piece, $170

"I have two First Nations swimwear labels that I'm really really excited to wear this summer," she said. 


"The first one is Liandra swim. They're a longtime favourite of mine and their new community collection really celebrates the local community of Milan Kimbie. 

"The artwork represents so much about culture and country so when you go on their website and you read about the inspiration, it talks about the artwork representing things like crocodile skin or sandbars that are found in the local region."

Image: Supplied.


Indii Dreaming (Bandeau Bikini), $150

"The second First Nations label that I'm very excited about, particularly for the warmer months, is Indii swimwear.

"They're inspired by the ocean and the coastline, and that's really reflected in their designs and their colours and their cuts. 

"One thing that I really love about Indii is that some of their detailing is very unique and it's very fashionable of course."

Image: Supplied.


Nikki Parkinson

Nikki Parkinson is a blogger and fashion designer at Styling You.

Her favourite summer pieces include:

The Acqua Brand Vintage Palm Swimtee, $95

"As a Queenslander, I need to talk about sun protection and swimwear," Parkinson says.

"I'm going to recommend the Acqua brand particularly for their relaxed t shirt style rashies."


Image: Supplied.

Marvell Lane Lola Bikini Top, $149.95

"I'm also going to recommend Marvell Lane swimwear for busty ladies because they make cute swimwear for a decent size bust."

Image: Supplied.


Saint Somebody Come as You Are One Piece, $230

Image: Supplied.


Caprioska Molokai Frill Bikini Top, $89.95

Image: Supplied.


Lottie Dalziel

Lottie Dalziel is a sustainability expert and the founder of Banish.

She can't wait to wear:

Winki Suits Bonnie Top Posy, $80

"A swimwear brand that I'm loving this season is Winki suits," she says.

"They're an Aussie business that have really fun retro and vintage prints that are great for surfing, swimming and leading an active lifestyle. 


"This swimwear is handmade in the Philippines by young women who have been rescued from human trafficking. Every suit gives these women support, community skills, and income for them to have a second chance."
Image: Supplied.

Feature Image: Instagram.

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