The Paula Joye Verdict: Yesterday brought red carpet overload. Here's the best and worst of it.

One day, two award shows. Soooo much fashion.

At the BAFTA’s everyone tried really hard to look proper just because they were in London. While across the pond in Los Angeles, the Grammys proved that rock stars do it better.

And also worse.

Here’s a mash-up of the looks from the both red carpets.

Nicole’s got a Lob.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, both with beautiful highlights.

The Grammys need Nicky Kidman.

She lifts the level.

Loving her new honey, blonde chop.

Even if it does kinda match Keith’s honey, blonde chop.

White and Tight

Jennifer Hudson, Amy Adam, Chrissy Teigan and John Legend.

White done right will work every time.

Jennifer Hudson in Tom Ford, Amy Adams in Lanvin and Chrissy Teigen in Emilio Pucci were all winners.

Not a shred of bride between them.

Rita Ora and Taylor Swift.

Special mention to Taylor Swift who rocked an Elie Saab dress that I would hate on a coat hanger but looked gorgeous on her.

Also loved Rita Ora’s futuristic Prada.

Calling the Chic

Kristen Scott-Thomas, Monica Belluci and Annie Lennox.

Yes, yes and yes.

These dresses make me so happy.

Women over the age of 45, celebrating being over 45, wearing dresses that everyone below 45 should copy.

Kristen Scott-Thomas, Monica Belluci and Annie Lennox wrote a new rule book on chic, black and floor length today.

Proving in one, two, three gowns that restraint can be everything and talent is your best accessory.

Like a Matador

Speaking of women over 45 years of age…

Madonna. There are no words.

I really don’t know how I feel about this.

If I look quickly and don’t think about it too much, I’m like: It’s Madonna, it’s Givenchy, It’s probably a metaphor.

But then my mind wanders back to the mantila and the thigh-high boots and I’m like: Would it kill her not to wear fishnets? Just one time.

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And what’s with the tired Eva Peron fascination?

Imagine if she wore a dress like Julianne Moore. Or even just a dress.

I mean, imagine if Madonna wore underpants…


She’s Roaring

Katy Perry, rocking sparkles and a purple bob.

John Mayer does good things for Katy Perry’s mojo.

Me thinks he may have magic hands.

The Queen of Cute was a shimmery, sexy vision in just-off-the-runway Zuhair Murad.

Her lavender hair was chopped and tousled and she gave her spectacular boobs and tiny waist a good run.

Very Monroe.

A tale of two Toms

Julianne Moore and Nicki Minaj. From demure to… not so much.

Julianne Moore and Nicki Minaj both wore similar Tom Ford gowns.

Proving that movie stars wear Tom Ford differently to rock stars.

Not a ground breaking lesson.

But a lesson all the same.


No one is sure why Kanye is wearing a velour tracksuit, but he doesn’t look like he cares.

I can’t look away.

I love The Love.

The sparkles. The PDA.

And their slavish, devotion to high fashion. At any cost.

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Even taste.

Long may they shop.

When Brits get it wrong.

Rachel Riley, Laura Haddock and Hofit Golan.

They go large.

Take a bow Rachel Riley. You’ve managaed to destroy that Roland Mouret with the swish of a stole.

Let it go, Laura Haddock. You look like you’re about to rise like the break of dawn.

You are not being punked. This woman’s name is Hofit Golan and that dress is not a joke.

Best back.

Miley Cyrus absolutely nailed this look.

I don’t even know how Miley Cyrus is still standing?

But her dress came in like a wrecking ball making everything else look kinda ordinary when she walked out of the room.

This back kills.

Ciara was hating that she didn’t think of it first.

Rihanna. The cupcake.

Rihanna. It just works.

This is the part where I should be talking about toilet roll covers and dolls on sticks but Rihanna looked so, so pretty in acres of icing pink tulle.

It shouldn’t have worked but her scraped back hair and scrubbed clean skin made it all seem so modern.

Not a Disney Princess gag in sight.

She be a style magician.


Ponytail power.

Big Sean and Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande reminds me of Bambi and Barbara Eden.

Those scared, wide eyes and a ponytail which looks like it could grant wishes.

She looked super cute and sang like the Ghost of Whitney.

How can someone so tiny have such a big voice? And hold up all that fake hair?

Gwen forever.

Gwen Stefani

Don’t you love it when she rests the red lip.

Pantsuit. Hair Up. Tawny skin.

No one bridges class and cool quite like The Stefani.

When she sang with Adam Levin in a strapless red Versace, I had to lie down.

She is everything.

Rosamund got the memo.

Rosamund Pike at the BAFTAs.


After the Golden Globes Rosamund needed this moment.

Beautiful and elegant in a simple Roland Mouret, she got all the extras bits just right.

Unworked hair, understated yet serious jewels and just the right amount of skin.

And for the LOLs.

Jane Fonda.

Don’t you love how she just drops in on The Grammys.

Dressed like an extra from Xanadu.

Jane Fonda looked fierce in this lycra, emerald green jumpsuit.

Read those adjectives back and worship at her alter.

Paris Hilton, it’s time to retire the red carpet appearances.

Paris Hilton looks like she’s trying to be the Barbie doll version of herself.

It’s not really working is it?

You know those Garfield soft toys that stick on car windows with suction cups? The ones that fall off when the sun gets really strong?

Paris reminds me of one of them. In the falling off part. I feel like she should call Time.

There are no words.

Shaving stripes into the hair on your calves.

Dude, you look like a f*&%ing idiot.

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