Benedict Cumberbatch delights fans by channeling his inner otter.

“Along with great fame comes great fandom. And along with great fandom come weirdos.”

Never were truer words spoken than those uttered by comedian and chat-show host Graham Norton on his show, which aired in the UK on Friday night.

But we prefer the term ‘enthusiastic’ to ‘weirdo’. The most ‘enthusiastic’ of all fans belong to Benedict Cumberbatch. They used to call themselves ‘Cumberbitches’. But Benedict wasn’t down with that. The man’s a feminist and wasn’t too keen on his supporters using the word bitch to describe themselves.

Cue collective sighs.

One of the many facets of Cumberbatch that his fans obsess over (you, know- apart from his talent) is his resemblance to a certain aquatic mammal- The Otter.


Side-by-sides such as these can be found in various deep, dark corners of The Internet. And because Graham Norton likes nothing more than humiliating his very famous guests, he asked (eggs)Benedict (cu)Cumberbatch to do the honours of providing a real life imitation.

You can watch the glorious moment below:

Video via BBC

The results are equal parts cringe and really sweet. The Sherlock actor clearly wants to support his fans’ strange whims.


And we’re not exactly complaining.


But the MOST incredible part is that Norton managed to get the usually unsmiling Johnny Depp, Cumberbatch’s co-star in Black Mass, to take part.

benedict cumberbatch otter
Image: YouTube via The Graham Norton Show.

Depp might be a filmic chameleon and a brilliant actor, but there is no denying, the man can leave a bit to be desired in the interview department.

You can practically hear the fans of Cumberbatch, Depp, and otters for that matter, squealing with glee.