Ben Fordham: "Why I'm having a Brazilian"

Ben Fordham

In 24 hours from now I’m getting a “Brazilian” and Angelina Jolie is to blame.   That’s one sentence I never pictured myself saying.

My crisis of the crotch started innocently enough.. at work on Tuesday morning on the set of the Today Show.  We’d been discussing Angelina’s appearance at the Oscars – where her rogue right leg took home the trophy for Most Bizarre Performance at an Awards Ceremony.

My workmate Karl Stefanovic doesn’t like to be outdone.  He proudly pulled up his trouser leg to show the world his own hairy piece of man meat.  Angie, eat your heart out.

Watching at home was a little girl from Queensland, Amy Seiler, who immediately emailed the Today Show inbox and hit Karl close to where it hurts… “Your leg is nearly as hairy as mine but I’m 11 and a girl”

Ba ha ha.

Karl's right leg

Amy explained she’s taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for leukemia research and she’s planning to shave her head.  If she raises more than $3,000 her mum will let her shave her legs !

Next came an email from Mrs Lee Pattinson – a school Librarian from Neerim South Secondary College in Victoria – who dared Karl to follow the lead of her Assistant Principal and wax his legs for charity.  The trap was set.

Ba ha ha ha.

After Karl agreed to a hot date with a bucket of wax, live on national television, I thought my work was done.  I was sorely mistaken.

That afternoon, a bloke by the name of Stephen Cenatiempo called into my radio show on 2GB.  Stephen is also a radio host so he knows how to fudge his way past the call screener. Without warning, he challenged me to do my bit for the charity too… by getting a “Brazilian”.

Not funny.

I’ve never been to Brazil and had not planned on “going there” unless it involved an airline ticket and a week or two in Rio De Janeiro.

After a brief period of fluffing and bluffing, I knew there was no way out. The boomerang I threw that morning had returned a few hours later and hit me somewhere between my stomach and my knees.

I fly to Brazil tomorrow morning at 10:30am. Any travel tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Ben Fordham is sports presenter on the Today Show and drive presenter on 2GB.