Ben Cousins' ex-girlfriend has spoken for the first time about his struggle.

Ben Cousins’ estranged former partner and the mother of his children has given an insight into living with the AFL star and witnessing his drug-fuelled downfall.

Maylea Tinecheff says she still loves the former AFL great, who is currently serving a year in jail for drug offences and for breaching a restraining order and stalking her.

In a preview for Channel Seven’s Sunday Night, Tinecheff describes Cousins as “violent” and details her experience as the victim of his constant phone calls, which a court heard reached 50 times in one day.

Maylea Tinecheff speaks about her realtionship with the former AFL star. (Image via Sunday Night.)

"He would just turn up at my house in the middle of the night, bang on the door," she says on the program.

Tinecheff says her former partner is "a broken man" and "drugs have destroyed him".

"He was extremely out of control... paranoia, lies, stealing things. He was violent."

However, she appears to still want to reconcile with the father of her two young children, appearing to make a plea to him on national television.

"The kids need you, we need you. Just come home to us," she says after the voice over announces that she is still in love with him.

Sunday Night airs on Channel Seven at 8.30pm Sunday 4 June.