Life after lies: Belle Gibson is spotted with a ring on her engagement finger.

It’s been six months since wellness fraud Belle Gibson was fined $410,000 for falsely claiming alternative therapies “cured” her from cancer.

The Australian had turned that claim into a business, The Whole Pantry, which included a bestselling book and one of just a few chosen to feature on the newly released Apple Watch in 2014.

Then it all came crumbling down.

Now, in her life after the lies, pictures obtained by Daily Mail Australia suggest the disgraced former blogger is engaged.

In the photos, a ring with a stone can be seen worn on her engagement finger as well as two other bands.

Gibson has a long term partner, Clive Rothwell. There is little known about the South Australian man.

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Taken on Valentine’s Day at a Melbourne park, in the images, Gibson appeared to chat with friends as her son enjoyed an afternoon play date. Rothwell was also in attendance.

It’s the first time the 26 year old has been photographed publicly since the fine was handed down. She did not attend the Federal Court of Australia last year to receive her sentence.

For her, life goes on.

“People are always surprised when they catch a glimpse of her eating dinner on Lygon Street or having drinks at Cookie in the city, or skiing in the Victorian alps,” authors Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano wrote in The Woman Who Fooled the World, a 2017 book that charts the scandal and downfall.

Image: Channel 7.

Many undoubtedly think of the people who fell for her claims that healthy eating and alternative therapies could cure their cancer like it did hers who may not be able to do the same.

It all started in 2013 when Gibson posted on social media that she had healed herself of malignant brain cancer by eating wholefoods and opting for alternative therapies. Doctors have given her just months to live, she said. That had been four years ago.

As her story spread, the Instagram followers came quickly. Then the TV channels, magazines and online media got involved, eager to spread her story far and wide. Her story was never checked out, not by Penguin when they published her book and not by Apple when they helped her develop and market her The Whole Pantry app.

It wasn't until former members of her inner circle went to Donelly and Toscano with their concerns that anyone bothered to look into her claims. When that happened, things quickly fell apart.

There has yet to be any update on whether the fine has been paid. A Consumer Affairs Victoria spokesman told the Daily Mail that the agency would not be able to comment on that matter.

The Woman Who Fooled the World: Belle Gibson’s Cancer Con and the Darkness at the Heart of the Wellness Industry, is available here.