Bella Hadid's dress let her crotch steal the show on the Cannes red carpet.

One year ago, model-of-the-moment Bella Hadid stole the show on the Cannes red carpet wearing a red silk gown with a dangerously high split.

Now, it’s 2017 and things are totally, completely different.

Ha. Kidding.

Hadid has worn pretty much the exact same thing (albeit in a lighter shade of millennial pink) on the red carpet of this year’s French film festival’s opening night.

The only difference?

This time, she wasn’t so lucky and didn’t manage to avoid a ‘wardrobe whoopsie’.

bella hadid wardrobe cannes 2017
Thanks, wind. Image via Getty.

As a gust of wind blew (as it sometimes does) and parted the split on her skirt, showing off her - shock horror - undies.

Yes, this just in, women sometimes wear underpants underneath their dresses. I know. Groundbreaking.

No 'side vag' made an appearance here, people.

bella hadid wardrobe cannes 2017
UNDIES. CRAZY. Image via Getty.

Last year, Hadid's stylist revealed she escaped a "wardrobe malfunction" thanks to her dress's built-in bodysuit.

It seems this year, the model chose to live on the edge, ditching the bodysuit in favour of a comfortable pair of undies.

BELLA HADID RED CANNES DRESS how its stayed in place image via getty 3
Her latest outfit is very similar to the red dress she wore at the same event last year. Image via Getty.

Ever the professional, the 20-year-old - who was walking the red carpet with her father, Mohamed - laughed off the 'malfunction' and continued strutting her stuff for the cameras.

After her attention-grabbing moment was over, fellow celebs like Susan Sarandon,Emily Ratajkowski, Elle Fanning and Naomie Harris also commanded attention from the photographers.

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