20 things all anti-social people know to be true.

We anti-social types are often misunderstood. You may know someone like us. We’re the friend who looks pained at parties, and leaves early – and that’s if we’ve attended at all. We’re hard to pin down for a dinner date, and we seem secretly pleased when it’s raining.

The truth is that we love our friends and family, but we also love – and need – time on our own. We use this time to relax, recharge and dream. We are creative and sensitive, and we need this time out more than you realise.

It’s not that we hate people. We just hate being around them.

1. As soon as you receive an invitation, you start thinking of excuses to get out of it.

2. Any mishap or misfortune is actually a blessing for you, because it means you have a reason to avoid going out. For this very reason, anti-social people love rain, minor illnesses, migraines and trackwork.

3. If you’re at a social event, you go to the toilet all the time. It’s not because you drank too much water, or because you have a UTI – it’s because you don’t like talking to people for long periods of time. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. You’re the master of “ghosting” (secretly leaving a party without saying goodbye) at a party, so that you don't have to endure the awkward "but you should stay" conversation.

5. You prefer email and texting to talking. It's less awkward.



6. You always bring headphones and an iPod onto public transport, because you hate listening to people talk.

7. If you're out and you see someone you know, but they haven't seen you, sometimes you will creep away without saying hi. It's not that you dislike them; it's just that you don't feel like talking.

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8. You prefer characters in books to real people.

9. You're the master of the "smile, wave and keep walking" move when you see the neighbours, because you don’t want to get into a conversation with them.

Wilson from "Home Improvement".

 10. You can kind of relate to this guy...

 11. Or this guy. Not because he's hot and rich, but because he hates company, and your mum.

 12. And this is your dream girlfriend…

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13. This is you in high school.

14. When everyone asks what you're doing for your birthday, and you say “Watching Game of Thrones alone", you think it's the best birthday celebration ever.


 15. Heard of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out? Well, if you’re anti-social, it’s all about the JOMO: the Joy Of Missing Out.

16. You quietly hope that social occasions will involve watching sport or a film, so that you don't have to talk the whole time.

17. You hate reading books in public, because you don’t want anyone to strike up a conversation with you, based on the cover. This is why you stick to your e-reader. Also, maybe you’re embarrassed that you read so many romance novels. I swear, this is NOT a problem that I have (please, no-one look in my Kindle library…).

 18. You love having the house to yourself. As soon as your housemate, partner or children leave, you’re in your pajamas with your feet on the couch, eating while watching TV and laughing with your mouth full of food.

19. You know that if you don’t make a effort to socialise every now and then, you will turn into a real, full-on hermit and recluse.

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20. You can sometimes hurt peoples’ feelings, because they think you are grumpy and misanthropic. The truth is, you have a heart of gold. You just need time to yourself, to give you the energy to love your friends all the more.

Purple makeup is perfect for creating a moody allure...

Related: You can now enjoy your double brie without guilt.