Bec Judd's in-flight disaster is every parent's worst nightmare.

I’m not a parent and would never claim to know what being responsible for little people who are entirely dependent on you is like.

BUT the idea of travelling with kids honestly sounds like a nightmare, so I can only imagine what it’s like for Bec Judd and her brood of four kids under five, with a husband and mother in tow.

The TV presenter and model confirmed my fears with one heck of a travel story, complete with an in-flight medical emergency, synchronised vomiting and baby diarrhoea. Yep.

“We had actually the worst flight ever!”, the 34-year-old said while hosting the KIIS network’s The 3PM Pick Up with Yumi Stynes on Tuesday afternoon.

“We were in Port Douglas, it was my husband, myself my mum and the four kids – Oscar, five, Billie, three and the twins, nine months – and on the way home, we had to get home at a certain time because my husband had to work.”

Having left with three hours as the ‘buffer zone’ because “you’d think three hours would be enough time, right?”, the Judds found themselves caught up in a mid-flight emergency no parent would wish on their worst enemy.

Golden hour ✨

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“About halfway through the flight, the gentleman behind me has a medical emergency… we had fantastic nurses and doctors on board, but we got diverted to Brisbane,” she said.

“I looked over at my husband who, being late for work, was (freaking out), and then the poor gentleman behind us vomited everywhere – it went on my feet and down the aisle.

“Then my children were smelling the vomit and crying, then one of my twins smells the vomit and he decides he’s going to vomit too so there was vomit everywhere – it’s on my legs, it’s on my husband, it’s on my mum.”

If synchronised vomit wasn’t enough, Bec’s other twin decided to join the bodily fluids party with none other than baby diarrhoea – which anyone who’s dealt with kids’ nappies will know is 100 times worse than normal diarrhoea.

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“My other twin, Darcy decides he’s got diarrhoea so my husband has to go change him in the little cubical, and while he’s changing him, Darcy pulls the air freshener out of the wall, sprays it in his eye and starts screaming,” she said.

“We’re covered in poo and spew, in terminal four and we have to get to terminal one with four kids and seven suitcases, running through the airport being snapped by a pap, [my husband] is late for work… it was actually a nightmare.”

Let this be a lesson to any parents thinking about taking a family getaway – be prepared for literally anything, because when kids are involved, you never know what might happen.

Have you ever had a family holiday disaster like Bec’s?

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