Rebecca Judd bites back at publication that criticised her for exercising four weeks after birthing twins.

TV host and entrepreneur Rebecca Judd has had it up to here with tabloid publications scrutinising her every move.

After sharing a workout photo with her 577,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday afternoon, the mum-of-four became the focus of a Daily Mail article titled: ‘Bec Judd resumes workouts FOUR weeks after giving birth to twins… despite some health experts advising mothers to allow six weeks of healing.’

Further, the piece asserted Bec’s post “raises questions about post-natal exercise and how long mothers should wait before restarting workouts”.


It also appears the publication failed to inquire if the model had contacted her own obstetrician for the all-clear. (Hint: she did.)

Bec says her ability to hit the gym earlier comes down to her core strength and fitness, which she has worked hard on during each of her pregnancies.

“[Shira Kramer and her team of women’s health physiotherapists have kept] me fit and strong during my pregnancy (all three of my pregnancies actually),” her Instagram post reads.

“I did clinical Pilates and pre-natal exercise classes two-three times a week and credit them with the fact that I’m feeling great, have a strong core, minimal ab separation despite measuring 47 weeks the day I delivered the twins.”

"I'm feeling great, have a strong core, minimal ab separation." (Image: Instagram/Bec Judd)

Undoubtedly, the 33-year-old - who is no stranger to a media stir - has had enough of the unwarranted feedback and advice. Shortly after the critical article was published, Bec amended her caption to hit back at the tabloid.

"Yes, of course we checked with obstetrician first. Thanks for caring sooooo much Daily Mail."

On Wednesday, Mamamia reported the Channel Nine personality has disabled comments on her latest swimsuit selfie, arguably an attempt to suppress the 'skinny shaming' trolls who she's vocally condemned in the past.

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