The one room Bec Judd says every woman needs in her home.

Dear Men of Australia,

Bec Judd sees your Man Cave and raises her Good Front Room.

On Monday’s episode of the 3pm Pick-Upthe radio host revealed she has one room in her house that exists purely to look good.

Yep, it’s her Good Front Room or GFR.


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During the show, her co-host Monty Dimond said she’d noticed that Bec had a ‘good room’ in her house.

“Yeah I do – it’s the GFR, the Good Front Room,” Bec replied.


“So many people have a GFR that’s not used much – but it’s like a pretty room where you put your pretty things, right?” her co-host Yumi Stynes asked.

“Yeah, it’s like the female equivalent of a Man Cave,” Bec replied.

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“It’s quite an old school thing to do,” Monty said. “It’s like parents who had the good dining room that you’d only use when guests would come over and you’d get out the good china. And you’d have a good couch and they’d yell: ‘Don’t wear your shoes in that room'”.

“Yeah that’s like me and the good room,” Bec explained. “I have these two pink chairs that no one is allowed to sit on. And then we got this friggin’ cat who decided those two good pink chairs – which I waited six months for when I imported them from Italy – would be her scratching post.

“Safe to say the cat is gone,” she added.

Bec does use the Good Front Room for one thing – changing her children’s nappies. That hasn’t always gone to plan, though.

Saturday night on the couch sorted ???????????????????????? #myminions

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“I put so much effort into styling this room. It has this bay window with these velvet cushions – and I could only afford to velvet one side of the cushions,” Bec explained to her co-hosts.

“So when I brought Billie home, I changed her nappy on one of the cushions and she sharted all over the velvet,” she laughed.

“So the velvet is now covered in baby poo and I couldn’t even flip it over because it’s just the cheap stuff on the other side.”

“When you have new babies they just squirt everywhere and you just forget,” she added.

“At least you haven’t gone as far as putting plastic on your chairs yet,” Monty laughed.

Do you have a ‘good room’?