"These are the 6 brilliant budget beauty products I've found hiding in the baby aisle."

As a mother who’s battled everything from cracked nipples (mine) to nappy rash (my daughter’s), it’s only natural that the baby supermarket aisle has become my second home.

I’m not complaining though, these shopping trips have actually helped me to discover that in amongst the sea of nappies and breast pads are some baby products that double as brilliant beauty products for big people.

The best bit? They’re often a fraction of the price you’d pay for grown up beauty products.

Here are the baby products I may or may not have stolen from my daughter…


Lansinoh, $15.95.


Just thinking about the respite this nipple cream brought me in those early days of breastfeeding (don’t believe anyone who tells you breastfeeding never hurts) makes my whole being flood with gratitude.

But once I was done and dusted with breastfeeding, Lansinoh soon made its way from my nipples to my dry, chapped lips. Made from 100% pure lanolin, it’s natural, preservative-free and so damn effective at soothing and nourishing dry lips. It’s also great value for money when you compare it to other lanolin-based lip products on the market.


Sukin Baby Gentle Body Wash, $9.95.

Sukin baby shower gel

Maybe it’s because this product is key in my daughter’s Bath Then Bed Routine (rubber duckie aside), but whenever I use it in the shower, I instantly feel relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep myself. It has a subtle dreamy fragrance and uses a combo of aloe vera, chamomile and avocado and primrose oils that hydrate and calm your skin. You skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bum but I can’t guarantee it’ll be as cute though, sorry.

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Hamilton Baby & Toddler SPF50+ Sunscreen, $16.95.


My friends jokingly refer to me as “Cancer Council” because I’m forever applying sunscreen and avoiding the sun like it’s four day old “seafood salad” at a dodgy deli. So it should come as no surprise that I’m borderline religious about slathering my daughter with sunscreen head-to-toe whenever we’re outdoors. Hamilton Baby & Toddler SPF50+ Sunscreen is lightweight, offers great protection and doesn’t irritate her skin. Naturally I’ve started to slather it on myself too. You need to teach sharing early, right?


Woolworths Little Ones Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes, $2.

Woolworths baby wipes

Look, I’m mainly a micellar water girl (I’m obsessed with Cinch Skin’s) when it comes to my first cleanse (yes, I’m a member of the double cleanse cheer squad) but when I run out, I’ve turned to baby wipes.

They’re intended for a baby’s face and bum, so there’s no fragrance or alcohol anywhere to be seen. Enriched with chamomile extract and vitamin E, they’re super gentle. Plus, they can remove copious amounts of mascara without any drama. At two bucks for a pack of 80, you’ll be getting your money’s worth with these.

Wotnot Baby Lotion, $16.99.


This baby lotion is thick and dollopy like cream. It soaks into your skin quickly without leaving a film like so many heavy moisturisers do. It’s loaded with certified organic flaxseed oil and soothing organic chamomile oil and it makes me smell like my baby which makes me deliriously happy.

Thankyou Antibacterial Lemon & Lime Hand Sanitiser, $3.50.

Thankyou anti bac gel

Okay, so hand sanitiser is absolutely NOT something you should ever put on your baby’s precious person, but it’s a “baby product” in that it’s a totally essential item for every mother who’s prone to cleaning up poonamis when out and about (so, all of us). Thankyou’s hand sanitiser is naturally fragranced with lemon and lime. The result? My nose doesn’t wrinkle like it does with regular sanitiser that reeks of 547 alcoholic beverages. And when you’re changing nappies round the clock, that is an absolute gift for the nostrils.

Edwina Carr Barraclough is a Sydney-based lifestyle writer and social media and content consultant. You can see more from her on Instagram or Facebook.

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