Mothers celebrate "real" parenting milestones.

Neighbours Becky and Esti happened to sync their maternity leave and while spending time in their local park “plotting global domination” they came up with a fun new way to celebrate motherhood.

Becky Feiner, 34, and Esti Zilber, 34, set out to make a product that aligned with their ideas on parenting. Their Mum’s Milestone cards were born.

Billed as a “celebration of survival” the comedy cards celebrate unusual and universal achievements of mothers everywhere.

The founders are hoping to expand the business. Image via Mum's Milestones

"We love being mothers, but it also felt crazy and overwhelming at times.  We knew we wanted to be working on something funny and positive, but also honest," said Esti Zilber.

"It started with us recognising there was a gap in the market for truthful, funny, supportive gifts for mums - since they are the ones that actually gave birth after all," she said.


Some milestones can be so simple. Image via Mum's Milestones

"These cards were born out of all the crazy new experiences and moments we never thought - pre parenthood - could ever be worth celebrating," said Zilber.

"We felt like there were so many cards and gifts and editorial pieces out there talking about mothers, but very few that were addressing those very real mum moments in a humorous way."

The pair were able to draw on their own "real mum" victories.

Image via Mum's Milestones

"We found the more we would vent, and talk about our new experiences of motherhood with one another, the clearer it became that these experiences – cooking for the first time, going out for a drink with girlfriends, getting back in to our old jeans, or bras, getting out of the house in those very early days –were universal mum milestones, that mothers should be celebrating," said Zilber.

"Some of these moments have us close to breaking point, the lack of sleep, lack of privacy, lack of intimacy - and we were just looking to take these experiences and turn them in to something witty, and supportive."


Image via Mum's Milestones

The slogans were born from real experiences documented over a WhatsApp conversation.

"We would go back and forth in between daycare drop offs, park plays, during midnight feeds, shopping runs, lunch breaks and just rattle off moments we found ourselves in.

"Then Becky worked through all the moments, the phrases, the kernels of ideas and built this artwork around them," said  Zilber.

The founders say the cards are intended to help working mums, stay-at-home mums, first time mums or even fourth time mums.

Image via Mum's Milestones

"It’s just for women who could use a laugh or pick me up amidst dirty nappies, broken sleep and cracked nipples," says Zilber.


"We are hoping mums feel compelled to share them with their networks as well, not just to celebrate their own triumphs, but to let others know that there is a community of like-minded women out there, working hard, and laughing as they overcome similar challenges.

"It’s one thing to take a photo of your little one the first time they ate solids….but what about the first time Mum had a quiet glass of wine to herself? We think that’s a cause for celebration as well, and one other mum’s can certainly appreciate as well," she said.

Image via Mum's Milestones

The business philosophy is about "giving back" and a percentage of the profits are given to PANDA.

"We wanted to design something that actively made mothers feel better about themselves, something that would allow them to unashamedly share what they were going through,"said Zilber.

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