"I spray my face with hairspray." 19 women confess their 'shameful' beauty secrets.

In the world of makeup tutorials and 10-step skincare routines, we all pretty much know the cardinal rules to follow when it comes to beauty and skincare.

But sometimes, we do things that… stray from these rules.

I’m talking about the times we cut a few corners and do things we know we really shouldn’t do, but go ahead and do them anyway. Either because we don’t have the time or the money or if we’re just feeling especially lazy.

My confession: I use makeup wipes most nights to remove my makeup instead of washing it off. Does that take off all my makeup? Definitely not. Is that bad for my skin? Yes, yes it is. Will I stop doing it? No, no I will not.

I know I shouldn’t (trust me, enough people have told me) but after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is stand in my bathroom for 15 minutes rubbing my face with various cleaners, moistures and serums, when a wipe will just do it all for me.

And I’m not alone in this.

When I asked women if they had any ‘shameful’ beauty secrets they need to confess to, the answers came flooding in. It seems we were all just waiting for an opening to confess to our beauty sins. So please don’t feel bad if you do any of the following… you’re not the only one.

  • “Currently using a 5-year-old brush, haven’t washed it once. And I have no plans to wash it in the future.” – Amy
  • “I never clean my beauty blender and it’s constantly damp and shoved back into my makeup bag. I reckon if I cut it open it would be mouldy AF.” – Lucy.
  • “I keep my products for way too long. I use until finished not until expired.” – Talia.
  • “My mum has been using the same brown Bourjois eyeshadow for 25+ years. Like literally the SAME eyeshadow.” – Ella.
  • “I use three-year-old mascara and just accept the fact that I’m blind after three hours.” – Emily.
  • “I still occasionally wear a 10-year-old lipstick. I went to go and replace it and realised that the entire line had been discontinued, it was that old.” – Jess.
  • “I also still use my Australis eye shadow palette that I got when I was about 13! It has great colours I can’t find anywhere else.” – Janine.
  • “I only ever do a nighttime routine… never anything in the morning.” – Ella.
  • “I have about a million skincare products and honestly I never really know which ones I’m meant to be using and when so I just will be like ‘ohhhh haven’t used that in a while. That’ll do.” – Bridgette.
  • “When I’m super lazy my night skincare routine is toner only – simply because its the fastest, no other reason.” – Charlie.
  • “Other than washing my face/taking my makeup off… I don’t have a nighttime skincare routine.” – Lily.
  • “My nighttime skin routine includes falling asleep on the couch and dragging myself to bed, so I guess in a way the couch is exfoliating my skin.” – Deb.
  • “I’m too lazy to remove my makeup before cleansing so I just cleanse in the shower like 2-3 times to get it all off,” says Bridgette.
  • “I don’t moisturise my body. Ever. I hate the feeling. So I’ll have a youthful face and my body will betray me.” – Ella.
  • “When I am too lazy to use a body moisturiser I just spritz my moisturising face mist over my body instead.” – Janine.
  • “Instead of using primer, I spray my face with hairspray to keep my makeup in place. I know it’s not good for my skin but it makes my makeup stay.” – Kate.
  • “I’ve just started being OK with chipped nail polish on my toes. I never thought I would see the day, but here we are.” – Kee.
  • “I only remember to wear perfume about once a month.” – Polly.
  • “I rarely change over the blades on my men’s razor I shave my legs with. Scratchy legs for me” – Isobel.

What’s your beauty confession? Tell us in the comments below. 

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