CULT BUY: The ultimate plain white (or black) t-shirt that costs less than $20.

I’ve been trying to be more grown up with my wardrobe.

According to fashion experts, that means I need “good basics”.

Apparently my so-worn-they’re-almost-grey white t-shirts with sweat patches under the arm don’t qualify. Go figure.

However I’ve quickly realised that “good basics” often mean “very expensive”…and while I have no problem paying for high quality items, sometimes the almost three figure price tag for what is a plain white t-shirt that will eventually go the same way as my other t-shirts seems a little steep.

Then I walked into Uniqlo and found ‘the one’.

It’s great quality, has a flattering neckline even for big boobs and it costs less than your Saturday brunch.

Yes, the Women’s Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt, $14.95, is the plain t-shirt your wardrobe has been missing.

Image: Uniqlo

The cotton feels thick and high quality and the straight cut is slim enough that it doesn't look shapeless. The sleeves are a nice length and the slightly thicker band detailing around the high neckline makes it a flattering one.


With larger boobs, I often find high neckline t-shirts make me look too top-heavy or droopy. Not this one.

Image: Brittany Stewart

In fact, I was so blown away by the t-shirt, I walked out with four. FOUR. (That's two white and two black).

It's actually available in 11 different colours, including grey, millenial pink, blue and orange, and goes up to a size XXL.

Adult wardrobe, here I come.

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